art is relative (haibun)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder just as finding beauty in any kind of creative art. I don’t know why but this prompt “art” makes me thing of garbage day in the suburbs. Whenever you want to get rid of something that is still in fairly good condition, you usually put it to the curb a day or two before garbage day. I got rid of two sewing machines that way, a television and furniture. Within a few hours I saw cars or pick-up trucks collecting my wares. Someone’s trash can be another’s treasure and that is what makes me find the relation between art and trash.

I remember when I was a teenager and lived at our grandmother’s house. My sister and my bedroom was the furnace room in the basement. There was a small old bookshelf and I decided to paint it psychedelic style. Yep, I made it look like trash but at the time I thought it was art. Boy, was my grandmother EVER patient and tolerant to endure that piece of crap in our bedroom. But then again, she did not intrude in our little sanctuary too much. We were so blessed and never truly realized that gift at the time.

Look at young children who draw us their first pictures. Okay, okay, your heart is probably melting thinking of that first drawing. But honestly we actually had to ask our child what they saw in it because, let’s face it, we had not clue. But our hearts were all gooey and warm and filled with so much love, right?
Writing is an art as well as most of you who are reading may agree. Well, heck, of course it is!! When I started blogging I am pretty sure I did not create art but with encouragement and my love of the written word, I got a tiny bit better every day. I can’t draw or paint as I would love to but I have accepted to paint my world with words in poetry and especially in my waka (Japanese forms of poetry)


lazy afternoon
ending with a slow dive
in the distance
heart swells with such joy
magenta skies and mauve clouds

(c) Tournesol’16

Stream of Conciousnes SoCS “art” at LindaGHill

War and Fame ( haiga)


beware! tongues of fame
slyly twist words of passion
giving glory to war


© The Parlour

folks who wag their tongues
selfishly seeking fame
feed war among friends

Gossiping Rooks.. by quaddie@ deviantart

gossiping rooks 
seeking attention and fame
wage wars of feathers

© Tournesol’15

Carpe Diem Bird Feathers

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #33 Fame&War | ronovanwrites//


Heaven’s fragrance (Troiku)

© Clr ’14

Snuggled in the trailer with a good novel, she heard the tap dancing on the tin roof.  After the rain, she walked through the garden and allowed the fragrance to wash over her.


after the rain
fresh scents from heaven
sparrows chirp

after the rain
birds bathe in puddles
children giggle

fresh scents from heaven
garden lily beguiles
rapt butterfly

sparrows chirp
concert in the elm tree
after the rain

© Tournesol ’15

My dear friends Justine and Karuna mentioned this poetry writing course they are taking at The Daily Post – Writing 201 Poetry . Although I know I  will not have time to follow daily prompts, I will certainly enjoy reading from their blogs. They are already gifted writers. Since the first prompt of the day suggests writing a Haiku, well, I had to play with this for fun.  I have written a haiku and then continued on to form a Troiku which is a form created by our host Chévrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai who offers daily Haiku guided prompts and shares Haiku form great masters such as Basho and Issa. The Troiku can be explained better by Chévrefeuille but as you can see I used a line from the first Haiku in each successive haiku. You really need the story explained in a lovely historical Russian story by our host about the Troiku, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.