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Sunflower (haiku – acrostic)

This was not easy but I decided to try the acrostic haiku and with it I am using my nom de plume as my guide, ending with the resting place of my mother most recently.

(c) Clr'15
(c) Clr’15

sunflower bursts
unleash blossoms in autumn
nearing winter

flowers bedding
lay down during wintry months
open just in spring

weeping willows
everlasting asylum,
retreat for deceased

© Tournesol ’15

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Yellow flowers (Troiku/Haiga)

I love sunflowers, my nom de plume in French, Tournesol.  Here is a Troiku created by Chèvrefeuille which is a series of haiku. To learn more about this form click here.

© Clr 2014
© Clr 2014

golden halo gleams
morning prayer

stillness before the wake
muse speaks to me

golden halo gleams
outlines grimy lines
on my windows

morning prayer
sunflowers greet the day
I bow

© Tournesol ’15

Of course I love all flowers in the daisy family and buttercups.

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soft petals
drinking yellow/ 
rising sun

© Tournesol ’15

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