imagine the paths in life – daily moments

(troiku) on different paths travellers worldwide one destination on different paths straight, winding or perilous meet at one crossroad travellers worldwide speaking in different tongues hold the same map one destination everyone will soon arrive in their own time ©Tournesol’17/01/29 Daily Moments – Reflections on spiritual journeys – January 29 2017 CDHK On the road … More imagine the paths in life – daily moments

spellbound (tanka)

We are inspired by the photo above to continue on the Road to Santiago:   spellbound the road to Santiago along mountain sides roused by the clunk of stones more pilgrims leave their mark ©Tournesol’17/01/29 CDHK The Pilgrimage – a Milestone marker – Imagine this

summertime (haibun)

  They felt like lovers again for twenty four hours. The children were at their Nanny’s and so they took advantage of the sunny day with that steady breeze from the South. Sailing in the morning was heaven. The breeze picked up in the afternoon, so they suited up with their trapeze harnesses for an … More summertime (haibun)