the beauty within

She used to see sunrises when she was a teen; she would wait by the river, to see the sky break  through grey, blue and magenta.  The anticipation was palpable until the sun slowly rose, she would then give in to slumber until the warm glow upon her face would wake her anew.

©Karuna Poole from LivingLarningAndLettingGo

world at her feet
life’s possibilities

© Clr’17

bowing at her feet
He sees her light

©Tournesol ’17/09/04

blessed horizon (haibun)

© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014

On the rooftop, she sits gazing at the horizon.  The wind from Mont Royale blows long dark strands defying any rules of fashion.  She brushes her hair off her face to take in the show…curtains draped back to see the whole view.

sun slips
into the horizon
fills me with grace

© Tournesol ’15

étoile de mon coeur (Troiku)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

She sits with mixed feelings,  watching the sun set. The wind picks up from le Mont Royale on the rooftop. She is saddened to see such beauty leave her hemisphere. And then she smiles, reminded that as she bows in reverence thinking of her friends on the other side.


star of my heart
baring thy omnipresence
fills me with bliss

star of my heart
so much love to share
radiance released

baring thy omnipresence
all-pervading love unfolds
rising in the East

fills me with bliss
whispering good morning
my brothers’ new dawn

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr’15

pocketfull of blessings (haibun)

Pocketful of blessings. That is what I am feeling today. The past two weeks I have been blessed with the presence of wonderful, compassionate and amazing people in person and virtually.

You know when you travel and pick up a pebble or rock to keep as a souvenir? Well, so far I have a pocketful of blessings. I am seeing more and more how we are more the same than we are different if you look deep into your heart. We are all from one amazing race…the Human Race.

grey skies


nature’s blessings
starlings harmonize at dawn
scent of flowers
angelic arcs multi-hued
artist’s last strokes at dusk

© Tournesol ’15

flirty moon at sunset (haibun)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

She went up to the rooftop during her last break to see the sunset. It was a muggy day and rain in the air, so part of sky’s performance was shaded by pearly grey clouds.   The warm breeze was still soothing.  The view was spectacular with hues of pinks, greys and blues and to her  left over le Mont Royale with blues and tints of pink with a hint of the moon flirting with her.

What a nice way to relax in perfect silence and inhale the beauty!

Beneath the skyline
artist’s brush puts last touches
pearly shadows

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr'15
© Clr’15