savouring milk moon (haibun) Daily Moments June 19 2016




Sitting on the balcony at 3 am praying for a soft breeze. Leaves are still, hardly a waver until a sudden breeze makes one believe there is more to come. Times like this, makes more sense to set up a cot and sleep under the elm. It’s a special time, this week for her. Summer solstice falls close to her mother’s birthday, June 22nd. It is as if the moon is glowing in celebration of a blessed soul.

canicule en juin
rien de mieux pour apaiser
une nuit blanche
éclat d’une lune quasi pleine
solstice d’été

June heatwave
nothing better to pacify
sleepless night
glow of a moon almost full
summer solstice

(c) Tournesol’16-06-19

Daily Moments – savouring milk moon

summer solstice (haibun)

They had been pen pals for two years.  It felt like forever, he had been waiting to meet her again but Genvieve had to wait until she was seventeen. Maman would never had allowed this meeting until then. Jean-Claude Tremblay was her third cousin or as they said in Saint Félicien,  “cousin de la fesse gauche”.  He was twenty-six when they first met at les funérailles de mon oncle Léo two years ago.  It was love at first sight.  He, with his liquid blue eyes and Genevieve with her golden blonde locks and chocolate brown eyes.  Her life was never the same after their encounter.  Waiting was like being deprived of chocolate during Lent for over one hundred weeks. “Impossible!!” she thought, “ C’était de la torture!”  Now this June 24th, la fête de la Saint-Jean Baptiste,  he had decided it was time to speak to her parents as well as celebrate la fête nationale.

They corresponded every two weeks for two years and now, the wait was over.  She sighed, feeling a little sensation below her abdomen her mother had not quite explained to her when they had “the talk” quand on deviant femme.

She sat in the boudoir of la gare Windsor pretending to read a novel de Victor Hugo.  She had arrived from les canton de l’est early in the morning.  She looked at the clock on the wall.  It read twenty minutes to noon.  She felt a flip flop in her tummy, crossed the room to face the mirror and patted her chignon and pinched her cheeks.  “Parfait!” she whispered staring at her eyes swimming in love and want.

She went into the main hall of the station near Gate 24.

 heat of suspense
summer solstice hangs on,
lovers’ desires

© Tournesol ’16/03/01

Written for Dverse Poets ~ Haibun Monday

lovers’ serenade (Soliloquy no Renga)

Celebrating the Summer Solstice




at the seashore
wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night
© Chèvrefeuille

whistling love’s refrain
lovers by the sea

barefoot interlude
under strawberry moon
wanting lips

rhythm of rolling waves
lovers’ serenade

undying love
whispered all night long

gulls rudely interrupt
mock untried liaisons

eyes look down,
tender – your lips
upon blushed cheeks


moonbeams on golden locks
shine midsummer’s dream

© Tournesol ’16/01/09

Midsummer celebration (Solo Renga)

© Clr `14 (photo taken June 22/14 Mom's BD)
© Clr `14 (photo taken June 22/14 Mom’s BD)

Happy Birthday Mother
Midsummer celebration
Through sodden tears
And quiet lamentation
the longest day of the year
  miss you, Mother dear.

© Clr '14 June
© Clr ’14 June

nebulous skies
Solstice cuckolded
mourning long life

daylight masked,  ever weary
shadows midsummer`s eve

longest day
exhales last slow breath
cicada cries

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem TimeGlass

Summer Solstice (Carpe Diem Haiku #487)


Photo credit: Bonfire in Finland

Kids giddy with joy
staying up late to play
Summer Solstice.

All night bonfires
singing, dancing, having fun
Summer Solstice.

Tilling the soil,
cultivating the earth
life renewed.

Mother Earth
bestows sustenance
life renewed.

Rejoice in life
fires blaze and celebrate
promising season.


Sleepless children
longer days, shorter nights
full-house in the summertime
parents miss intimacy
steeling quickies now and then.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/09




Submitted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – #487 Summer Solstice

Bonne St-Jean Baptiste!!

national_aboriginal_day_aptnWhat does this weekend represent to us Canadians?  Hmm, well last night I watched on APTN, National Aboriginal Day and the talent was outstanding!  So many different genres of music! It was moving, touching and entertaining and as a festival should be…fun!  What a great day to celebrate Summer Solstice and the fact that it was my mother’s birthday as well made it all worthy of such celebrations.

This weekend represents for the end of the school year for students up to and including High School in Quebec…other provinces across Canada may be a few more days still.

My son, a high school teacher, can now look forward to some R & R and much needed rest.  Why? Because teaching is NOT easy plus he travels so much to and from school…crossing 2 bridges one way only!

st-jean-baptistes-dayWhat else is happening this weekend…our National holiday for people residing  in Quebec…June 24th, is Saint Jean Baptiste Day…La fête nationale du Québec .

It is a celebration of Francophone identity, culture and history. On this day,  it is customary to wish  Quebecois  and French Canadian people, Bonne St-Jean!

In many towns and cities across Quebec, St-Jean Baptiste Day  used to be celebrated with parades and floats. I remember in my small town the same boy for 3 years was on the float posing as St Jean Baptiste with his blonde curly locks.   There was dancing in the streets, a fair for everyone to have fun and ended the evening with a huge bonfire and then  fireworks…I loved St-Jean Baptiste Day as a child.

photo_985266_resizeIt is still widely celebrated and there are huge concerts with celebrities in major cities in the 13province who perform.  A nice occasion to sit by a bonfire with friends and family, play guitar and sing along…it is connecting with folks…period. I used to love to sit by the bonfire at our camping when the children were younger and we gather to look with awe at the fireworks a few campers set off near the pier by the lake.

downloadThe traditional bonfire celebrating Summer Solstice (Midsummer)  on June 23rd  in various countries around the world, aboriginal-language-canadacontinues in Quebec joined with the celebration of St. Jean Baptiste. 

I find it to be a grand family celebration especially…who does not like a fair type day?  Who does not like fireworks?  It is a time to promote la Joie de Vive we, Quebecois are known for…live and let live.

Bonne St- Jean!