meeting the sun (senryu) Daily Moments December 13 2016


Lever du soleil sur le Pont U-Bein, Mandalay, le 25 novembre ©Ariane et Sebastien Tandem en Cavale: 16/11/25

fog lifts silently
collectively inhale
birth of a new day

© ’16/11/25 Ariane et Sebastien Tandem en Cavale – Pont bien U, Mandalay

chanting at dawn
pleading for a prosperous day
feeding bellies


Daily moments December 13, 2016

Today I was admiring the above photographs that  were taken by my friend who is cycling through SouthEast Asia since last June. She and her partner are blogging their trip on Facebook at Tandem en Cavale. They have travelled through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,  and the photo above is meeting the sun at Meeting the sun at U Bein bridge, Mandalay on November 25, 2016.