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times passed (troiku)

breathing in her scent
drifting from her dresser
fond memories take hold

breathing in her scent
mind drifts to times passed
when our hearts were light

drifting from her dresser
scents trigger sentiments
I thought were long gone

fond memories take hold
in a life when time stopped
…or so we thought


Written for The secretkeeper and the prompts are: drift, breathe, light, hold, life

until the angels (haiku)

© OliG'15
© OliG’15

how long
until shootings cease
nation heals

how long
an innocent child dies
families grieve

how long-
until angels carry
where the sun shines

where the sun shines
echoes of cherubim
field of daisies

© Tournesol ’15

In memory of the tragedy of Jamyla



Shibashi ma mo matsu ya hototogi – su sen nen

how long
to wait for the cuckoo
about a thousand years
© Basho

how long
until the barren rice fields will be green
cranes fly over
© Chèvrefeuille

midsummer evening—
how long the wing of the crow
how brief the wrensong
© Mark M. Redfearn

fallen (haiga)

Fallen leaves,
needy for fertile grounds
geese honk
naked tree,
defensive and forlorn
squirrel on a wire
besieged by barren trees,
 unwelcome guest

© Tournesol ’14

Sunday Scribblings 2

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Carpe Diem Special #114, Shiba Sonome’s 4th “longing for someone”