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blue canvas (haibun)

I have always felt that we start in life being more visual or more auditory  and eventually we become audiovisual.  I found that so interesting with my children. My son started off as auditory and my daughter visual.  And even if we seem to adapt in an audiovisual world, there are traits, I feel that are still predominant.

I did the test for fun and my results were Visual 31, Audio 43 and Kinesthetic 43    I was pleased to see the visual was as high as it was.  In writing haiku, I sometimes struggle to find the words to express what I am seeing for I see with most of my senses.  Watching a sunset seems to lower my heartbeat and yet my heart feels so filled with awe.  Sitting by the river, the sounds of the current, the birds, the rustle of the leaves and seeing the white caps of the rapids can all be captured in one glance.


Walking in the arctic cold last weekend I wanted to see the mountainin Rougemont before the sun set.  I managed to find a trail behind the local library and was able to take only a few photos before the bitter cold made my battery die.

Pinterest - edited photo
Pinterest – edited photo

blue canvas
backdrop for hills and orchards
sans red swirls

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