nature’s wonderous mysteries (haibun –sort of)

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

Walking home last night she sees grey swirls elevated near the curb as she crosses the street. The first frozen puddle she has noticed in the city, autumn’s last month flirting with winter.  She knows the days are numbered now. Leading towards the end of this season sometimes feels like walking towards a grave.

fallen to their death
leaves spread season’s quilt
tucking in the earth

Although logic knows the earth is not dead but asleep…napping for a spell, until spring, the dark of day lacking sunshine makes us feel this way on this cold day of November.  Not only does nature seem somnolent but the sun as well, turning in so early.

sun bids farewell
yet, it’s only teatime!
autumn’s new soirée

No longer can one dine in the evening whilst they admire art displays in the sky. (sigh!) The artist too, has turned in earlier, skipping dinner and off to bed.

painting moods in blues
in the darkest hour
cleansing of new dawn

One can sometimes hear
In the darkest hour
awe celestial notes
message from the heavens,
still, she is not clear…

Nature has its mysteries, that she does not know; makes it all the more appealing,  savouring the unknown.

whispers in her ear
playing sanguine notes
lighting up her soul

© Tournesol ’15

I think I may have gotten carried away here with poetic prose and turned a few sentences into haiku and tanka.  I am still categorizing this as a haibun.


in the darkest hour (troiku)

This was inspired by Ese’s “in the darkest hour”

in the darkest hour
wishing upon the morning star
just like years ago

© Ese of Ese’s Voice


in the darkest hour
melancholy calls –‘til dawn
chases it away

in the darkest hour
whispering rhymes
playing into prayers

melancholy calls – ‘til dawn
softly warms the heart
morning beckons hope

chases it away
darkness runs not far,
playing hide and seek

© Tournesol’15

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai “Ese’s int he darkest hour”