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calm resumed (haibun)

© CLR 2014
© CLR 2014

She looks at the sky as she drives towards a storm…the clouds look like waves and then the dark heavy billows menacing a downpour.  Huge droplets fall and she pulls over the side of the highway as many other motorists have wisely done.  The sound is hypnotizing and she turns off the motor, radio and wipers…

dark puffs of anger
burst at the seams cascading

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem

Ride home (haiga)

 clr '14
clr ’14

Train runs on time

chasing clouds on the run

whistle blows.

© clr '14
© clr ’14

clouds etched in the sky

bales of hay set out to dry

one dark cloud taunts

© clr'14
© clr’14

lightness dims

sun bows gracefully

almost home

darkness greets me solemnly

city lights wink high above.

© clr '14
© clr ’14

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/07/17