bliss… frozen in time (troibun)


Walking through the thicket, the woman stops a moment to admire wild daisies. It is mid-day and the sun is commanding nature to acquiesce to her splendid rays. Birds perched in the shade of their home are silent as they embrace their afternoon siesta except for a few chirps from fledglings resisting their nap. And then, the concert begins…from tree to tree sopranos tell their story while another group sing the refrain…piercing sounds mesmerize and finally the last of the fledglings give in to their lullaby.

cicadas take centre stage
nature listens

The woman crouches slowly, taking a picture of her subjects; she smiles at the effect the soft wind has on the flowers. It appears the daisies are waving and smiling with their golden centres boasting towards the sun. And then, she freezes…

blue butterfly
perpetual trace
on her cheek

blue butterfly
on tender petals
wings unfold

perpetual trace
sounds of summer
of her youth

on her cheek
fluttering wings,
still caress


At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, our host and mentor, Chèvrefeuille gives us a spiritual meme where we can choose among four photographs for our inspiration. They are A young mountain monk, Laughter, Time Flies and Tranquility.  The image of a clock depicting how time flies is what inspired my haibun/troibun but more than just time flies…how a split second experience can imprint forever in my mind.  The blue butterfly visited me from April to November, 2015 following the death of my mother December 2014.  I have never seen such a constant presence as this beauty before or after.  I know, deep down, she was helping me in my grief.

And now the memory of my experience with the blue butterfly brings me such joy…

I feel such laughter in my heart, imagining the daisies also chortling…like the monks in the photo our host has given us.  By the time I had completed the troiku(a new form of haiku created also by Chèvrefeuille), I felt my whole being washed with a sense of tranquilty. So, I suppose I was influenced by all four photos and left with a lingering sense of wellbeing.

Perhaps I was also the young monk from the mountain observing the memories of my youth…my mother and the blue butterfly.

Through the thicket, I saw wonder (haibun)

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Walking through the shortcut to work on that regular footpath she noticed so many leaves had fallen with the winds of the night before.   Saddened as she saw many of the wildflowers turning different shades of brown.   She would miss her walk in this thicket seeing buttercups and wild daisies and that purplish blue butterfly too.  A huge tree branch lay across the path and she stood there looking at how one night changed a season…just one night!  As she walked further into the thicket and within a few feet she saw her blue butterfly.  Surely it couldn’t be the same one she saw in June!!  Elated…just filled with childish joy, she slowly approached the butterfly and it closed up its wing sitting on a daisy…her favourite kind of daisy too!!  She saw it open its wings a bit gradually and then close them again.  She smiled at how smart this butterfly was.  It actually thought it was camouflaged enough to trick her.  And that game of hide and seek continued for several minutes…Oh, another flutter of those tiny velvety wings…once, twice …such joy to see and feel the beauty of this past season lingering here in September.

September wonder
amid the thicket
a butterfly rests
gracious daisy gives
last of her sweet nectar

© Tournesol ’15

Love thee (troiku)

I originally composed this troiku this morning with the thoughts of my walk through the thicket last week on my way to work. I had been mesmerized and filled with grace looking at the wild flowers and one sole tiny blue butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next.

A blogger, Brenda from Friendly Fairy Tales, suggested “Perhaps the butterfly was a messenger of love from an admirer. A reminder to love yourself and value even the steps that you take to get to work. The in-between time is the most magic and free. I used to love driving, it felt so free being in-between one place and another.”

However, when I got home tonight I took a little peak at Carpe Diem since I had not had time to look in the past three days and I noticed the Time Glass prompt, First Celebration and found my offering fitting for this prompt as well.  Serenidipty hits again.

mazu iwae ume o kokoro no fuyu-gomeri

first celebrate
the flowers in your heart
confined in winter

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

first cherry blossom
in the moonlight

© Chèvrefeuille


amid thicket
daisies stand at attention
sun beams in awe

amid thicket
birds tweet in salutation
blue butterfly flits

daisies stand at attention
buttercups wild yet humble
grass waves delight

sun beams in awe
butterfly flutters with glee
nature’s gift to thee

blue butterfly flits
silently communes with thee
love thee first, then all

© Tournesol ’15

butterflies and buttercups (haiga)

queen bee quenches her thirst

chasing butterflies

chasing butterflies
daisies and buttercups trip
searching for nectar

pebble in my shoe
queen bee hunts sweet nectar
wilted petals weep
whipped by wind and rain
casualties of nature

© Tournseol’15

Carpe Diem SpecialRallentanda’s third “magnificent day”

magnificent day
bees buzz about the garden
by lapis blue sea

© Rallentanda

A fallen flower (CP Tan Renga Challenge #41)

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #41, ”a fallen flower” by Moritake

This week’s Tan Renga Challenge is a beautiful haiku written by Arakida Moritake (1473-1549), a Japanese poet who also wrote haiku (in his time it was called haikai or hokku). This is a Dutch translation of a wonderful haiku written by Moritake.

a fallen flower

flew back to its perch

a  butterfly

© Moritake



a fallen flower

flew back to its perch

a  butterfly     © Moritake

wings shining with dew’s presence

trying out its new freedom.        

© Cheryl-Lynn 

Submitted for: Carpe Diem tan renga Challenge /41 

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/28