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B is for Burst, budding (Blogging from A to Z Challenge) troibun

What a sight to see those dark clouds in the late afternoon!  She thought for sure there would be a thunderstorm.  She waited with anticipation since the sun was still out, there would surely be a rainbow. And so, she waited…

golden afternoon

soleil étincelant
malgré nuages menaçants
la lumière emporte


b is for burst of sunshine

burst of golden sun
despite foreboding clouds
light shall prevail

burst of golden sun
quenching spring growths
budding promise

despite foreboding clouds
none to fear, but
cleansing rain

light shall prevail
shimmering diamond flecks,
morning dew

© Tournesol’16/04/02

Daily Moments April 2 2016  Burst of sunshine   troibun

Written for Blogging from A to Z