Birthday memories

autumn sunshine
is that really you, Mom?
through my window

blinded by memories
holding my first born

proud Nanny
strutting with purpose
pushing an English pram

irresistible urges
pinching his chubby cheeks

time flashes by
grandson holds her frail hand
in a nursing home

Nanny just won’t let go
love always wins over

recalls for one split second
joys of grandmotherhood

searching nervously
in his liquid blues
it all comes back

dipping his tiny fingers
in his first birthday cake


Daily moments – birthday memories  November 7 2017

Micropoetry Month November 7 2017


Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It
Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It

A daisy for my birthday

a bunch for an entire year

I’ m happy either way

this gift they gave me here,

colours popping I love you

whispering forget me not

I’m grateful for all they do

and so I’m saying Thank you!

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/21

Photo edited by Michelle Marie at Tell Me About It Thank you, Michelle Marie 😀

I was blessed with a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday last week from my daughter and grandson and a yummy brunch.