life’s options (troiku – shadorma) Daily moments November 16th/17

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autumn simmers
reassessing life’s options
season’s nesting spell

autumn simmers
rolling into sleepy times
winter’s slumber

reassessing life
sitting by a crackling fire
knitting my options

season’s nesting spell
searching under winter skies
making snow angels


thoughts echo
in my weary brain
telling me
to slow down
run through future options
life is too damn short


Daily moments – reassessing – November 16th, 2017

Writing for MicroPoetry Month #16

hasty dusk Troiku MicroPoetry Month November 13 th Daily Moments


five o’clock shadows
hasty dusk settles
all day long

five o’clock shadows
greyness fills the soul
sullen shroud

hasty dusk settles
hiding any hope
melancholy rains

all day long
life without promise
haunting season’s end


Written for MicroPoetry Month #13 – Daily Moments.  Looking outside all I saw was grey and took a photo…the photo does not seem as grey as the day actually.

Daily Moments November 13 – hasty dusk

Coco Chanel (MicroPoetry Month #12) Daily moments (Troibun)


The sun shines brightly in the cold pale skies and yet, her soul is filled with greyness? The day will move slowly as she shuffles through my clutter. That old overcoat that should have been thrown in the trash, swings gently from side to side. What is she doing still holding on to those tan boots that cramp her toes? They remind  her of better days and happy times, strutting with a sense of purpose. As she moves further into the greyness she finds  her mother’s old raincoat she has yet to wear. As slips it on,  she feels her presence…still.

soft scents
float around her

soft scents
rest in droplets
kissing her cheek

float around her
Sinatra and Doris Day

admiring CoCo
worshiping the sun


I love the haibun form and since I have also fallen in love with the Troiku (a haiku form created by Chevrefeuille at CarpeDiemHaikuKai) I have coined the haibun with a troiku, Troibun.

Written for MicroPoetry Month #12 where we are inspired to write a haibun.

The history of sun tanning and Coco Chanel.

rose petals (troiku)Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


© Clr’16

Rose petals
scent so sweet
soft as silk

rose petals
on fresh crisp sheets
their wedding night

scent so sweet
taste of pure bliss
on her lips

soft as silk
chubby fingers searching
Mommy’s hand

(c) Tournesol’17-11-09

Haiku Prompt Challenge at Ronovan Writes: SMOOTH AND HAND

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

never fortten (troibun) daily moments November 8 2017

November quest
kiku blossoms whispering
forget me not

In the cool autumn nights of November they stir in their beds. Not a sound is heard as they wiggle their way out breathing in one long inhalation of new life. Adorning their beds are yellow chrysanthemums slowly decaying from the cold winds. Yet, as they breathe upon them, life is restored and their stems straighten at attention and their blossoms billow.

roaming in the night
over fields of poppies
visiting loved ones

roaming in the night
the old night owl

over fields of poppies
coming back
to be remembered

visiting loved ones
ever so gently
in their dreams


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

Daily moments – never forgotten – November 8 2017

MicroPoetry Month – November 8  2017

Twilight (troiku)

©Clr’17 Port Burwel, Ontario (Lake Erie)

last splashof pink
slips below the horizon
enter twilight

last splash of pink
blending with a darkened sky
colour it purple

slip below the horizon
other side of the world
meeting dawn

enter twilight
dusk turning
to midnight blue

©Tournesol ’17/11/01

CarpeDiemHaikuKai – Twilight

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at CarpeDiemHaiku Kai.

Also attempting at Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #1 

eerie nights (troibun) Daily Moments October 30/17

© Clr’17

Clouds no longer form shapes in the sky. All one sees now is grey and greyer. Wind gusts and rain make the trees flap their arms shedding their leaves that are still green! The day is coming and we feel it in our bones due to the dampness, the cold and daunting night of Hallow’s Eve.

stars hiding
behind heavy billows
filled with tears

stars hiding
waiting to shine
on All Hallow’s Day

behind heavy billows
stories retold
of revered saints

filled with tears
dressed as an angel
dropped all her candies


Written for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: Spooky Night

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at CarpeDiemHaikuKai. I have coined the haibun in this case a Troibun.

precious gems (troiku)

kusa no ha [ya] ame ni magirenu aki no tsuyu

blades of grass–
lost among the raindrops
autumn dew
© Issa (1810)(tr. David Lanoue)

blades of grass
snail crawls warily
in the everglades

lost among the raindrops
a lover’s tears

autumn dew
morning frost glints
like GrandPa’s gold tooth


I have used Issa Kobayashi’s beautiful haiku as an inspiration at Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie and decided to use his haiku  to form a troiku .  A troiku is a new form of haiku created by our host, Chevrefeuile which he explains on his website Chevrefeuillecarpediem.

all saints’day (troiku)

taking their leave
marveling at the clouds
castles in the sky

taking their leave
an autumn ritual
falling into place

marvelling at the clouds
universal convention
gods united

castles in the sky
angels celebrating
all hallows’s Day


Written for Haiku Horizons’prompt: castle

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai