mother & daughter (haibun)

They spent the day in the sun planting seeds of various vegetables. Bent over with their straw hats, mother with her white Ralph Lauren sunglasses, the little three year old in her polka dot sundress and heart shaped sunglasses.

“Ah phew! That’s sure a lot of vegetables, Mommy!”

She beamed at her little helper, “Come, sweetheart, let’s sit in the shade. I`ll bring you a Popsicle.”

Sitting under the old maple tree, her chin in her chubby hand, staring at the garden for a long moment, she asked, “Mommy, when will the green beans start growing?”

“It will take time, sweetheart, about sixty sleeps depending on the weather.”

Obvious disappointment painted on her sun kissed face; she quickly lost interest and ran to play in the sandbox.

rose tipped buds
tender beginnings
nature’s way
one moment in time
coming to flower


R.I.P. Soul Queen (Tanka)


carving metaphors
listening to their moans
grieving hearts echo
chagrin spills freely
indigo on parchment

(c)Tournesol ’18/08/23

This my first time writing for this challenge and I know I am a bit late, Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge: sad and write but we are to use only synomyms.

mind over matter (haibun)

© Northern Lights – Alien Study

Hot, heavy dampness hangs in the air, as she rocks in front of her window looking out over the river. The air conditioner is on the fritz again and the fans that had been running 24/7 give little breeze to comfort even an ant.  The temperatures are unforgiving at 40C and 92% humidity.

The house is silent except for the creaking of her rocking chair and the buzz of useless fans. Her breathing has finally calmed after her morning paroxysm of asthma. The weather in the past few weeks has forced her to use up all her sick days. She does not know how she will manage now with the weeks ahead if she is  unable to get to work…again. Her wheezing becomes louder and she knows she has to calm her thoughts or else she will have another asthma attack.

She often tries to use her imagery times like this. Placing a wet cold compress on her forehead she imagines she is in the Northwest Territories, hearing the crunchy sound of her feet on the snow as she walks outside. She is dressed in a down filled parka and snow pants and white clouds escape her mouth when she exhales. Night has already fallen and she waits patiently for signs from “the other side”. Looking up at the sky, she starts noticing the different hues lighting up the heavens and she is dizzy with joy;  she kneels in reverence, listening to the echoes of her ancestors. A veil of calm envelopes her until a piercing whistle from her tea kettle brings her back to reality.

lighting up the skies
blues, pinks and green waver
message from beyond
living in comfort
in her mind’s eye

(c) Tournesol’18/09/13

Written for: Mindlovemiserysmenagerie and Wordle

Calescent ((adj.) growing warm; increasing in heat)
Paroxysm ((n.) any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion: a severe attack or a sudden increase in intensity of a disease)
Tea Kettle

Bonus word: Sick Day



Away from home (tanka) & A friend indeed (troiku)

Nature’s friend
Savouring fragrance and calm
On a blossom
An interlude
Away from the cacophony

© Tournesol’18/06/10

Written for HaikuHorizons’ prompt: friend & load


With mute compassion
Listens to her unburden
Defines a friend

With mute compassion
In the name of the Father
Hears our confessions

Listens to her unburden
Embracing her in her arms
Whispering, “There, there.”

Defines a friend
Knows when she hurts

© Tournesol ‘18/06/10


Dear Emma (haibun)

Dear Emma,

It is 7:20 AM and I am waiting at the airport. Of course I got here 2 hours ago. I know, I know, I get here way too early but I probably saved $10.00 in taxi fare due to no traffic at 5:00 AM, it gave me time to have a nice breakfast (Fritatta and fresh fruit) and of course I brought my coffee a blend of decaf and espresso. So getting here that early, I can do my thing before going through security since I cannot bring my coffee (liquids).I brought a small water bottle this time so if I get stuck at security and notice there is a bit left, I can chug it down so they don’t confiscate another water bottle! [Do I sound still bitter from my March trip? Well, I am!]

The ride here was amazing…the moon looked so full and it was still very bright at 5AM! I tried to catch a photo but it did not do it justice so just imagine a pale blue and pink sky and a pale round moon with splotches of grey.

I am headed West and apparently it is almost 10 degrees cooler! Who would have guessed. As we say here in Québec, “C’est le monde viré en enver”. In San Diego, forecasting 16C and 24C in Montreal…weird!

I have not slept all night as I started packing at 10pm. And of course I packed and unpacked 3 times to make sure I was bringing ONLY what I needed. I had started out packing my new capri pants but with the weather that cool, may as well stick to jeans, leggings and long skirt.

Poor Bette knew I was leaving…I had set out 5 bowls of food in a larger bowl with water to prevent ants from climbing in. Water bowls placed here and there and two fans in the dining room and living room to circulate the air. I had reserved the taxi at 4am, so I could sit with my cuppa and comb Bette, then pet her over and over and over. She soaked it all up since she knows I will be leaving. I did feel a bit guilty but fortunately, my son will be passing by almost every day. He teaches 5 minutes form my home, so Bette should be thrilled since she does prefer men!

I look forward to my trip this year…relaxing, spiritual and peaceful. Hopefully being by the ocean, will reenergize me for six weeks until my next vacation.

Checking a list
Making sure to bring
Check, check and double check
Just bordering O.C.D.

Emerald eyes
Study with scrutiny
Pleading not to leave

© Tournesol ‘18/05/29

the month of Mary (haibun)

Image result for lovers in the woods

Every year it is the same feeling. Some years that mood may last longer or shorter but still it presents itself the same way. It started as a child and grew more intense and “real” when she was a young adult. Something about springtime reminds her of a saying she told a bunch of girlfriends from the CLSC in Richelieu at la cabane à sucre in Saint Grégroire, “Ah le temps est trop beau pour retourner au travail cette après-midi. Il me semble que j’aurais le gout de partir dans le bois avec le mari d’un autre.” And they laughed at the silliness and giddy with spring fever. At 30 something they felt like teenagers again.

And today as she smells the warm spring air and the rich scents of the earth, even in her sixties,  she still feels a flutter in her chest.

Spring moves in
rousing dormant desires
naughty but nice
not akin
to le mois de Marie


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Written for Haiku Horizons and the prompt is “move”

Photo credits Google Image


Cabane à sucre: Sugaring off Cabin

“Ah le temps est trop beau pour retourner au travail cette après-midi. Il me semble que j’aurais le gout de partir dans le bois avec le mari d’un autre.”Ah, the day is too beautiful to return to work this afternoon. I get the feeling I might want to take off in the woods with a married man.

le mois de Marie – month of Mary which is the month of May some Catholics still go to church every day to recite the rosary together.