snow, another four-letter word (Daily Moments January 23. 2019 Haibun )

It is amazing how much literature there is on the lack of sunlight and darkness affects moods and yet there does not seem to be as much on seeing ONLY WHITE F&$&ing snow. The skies are grey today and yet the brightness of the snow still makes her eyes squint and adds to the jackhammer in her head. It is said that January 21st is the most depressing day of the year. How interesting that it may be the most depressing but that does not mean that the following day it has disappeared. No siree, it lags on and on and on and lurks into February and depression infecting each day forward.

Today, she squints as she looks out the window, debating if she should go out to do some errands which would entail, getting dressed (winterizing with coat, boots, scarf, ski mask, snow pants, gloves or mitts and cleats) to the bus stop, waiting in the wind, avoiding cars splashing the slush on sidewalks and repeating the same thing on her return. It is like shampooing one’s hair: shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Fortunately, today it is a balmy –5C so she can lose the snow pants, ski mask and mitts. What a joy! It is snowing today and she stands at the corner feeling her cheeks blush with each kiss.

“Crunch, Crunch” her boots moan as she approaches destination. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, she feels a shift in her mood and knows that this brief but effective exercise has fired neurotransmitters that are lifting her spirits. She sighs thinking of those who suffer so much especially this time of year and the risks that may entail…

mid-season blues 
like summer draughts bring despair 
in the dead of winter 
blindly seeking respite  
from the wrath of depression 
treading warily 
on grief’s temptation 
veering such demise 
bundling up with courage 
some may make that phone call 
hearing in that voice 
caring and supportive 
may give life a chance 
© Tournesol ‘19-01-23

A moment in time ( daily moments June 6 2018)

Suckling sweet nectar
Flowers in bloom
A moment in time
Embrace it or lose it

Billows floating
Fluffy and full burst with joy
through a window
A moment in time
Embrace it or lose it

A newborn
Staring perplexed
his tiny fist

Sticks it in his mouth
Knows not it’s part of him

Watching him, she sighs
Don’t miss those moments
Embrace them or lose them

Daily reflections. June 4, 2018 a moment in time

Daily Moments December 1 2017 three years ago Haibun

© Clr ’14 Colombe (Mom) June 22, 1926-Dec 2, 2014

On this day three years ago I had dreamed half the night. The dream of my mother and I trying to save a dying child. Each time I woke up shocked by the dream, I would go back to sleep and dream the exact same scene…3 times until I could no long sleep. I waited until sunrise and called the nursing home to ask how my mother was. The nurse said, « Viens vite, il ne lui reste plus grand temps.»

I no longer had a car since the fall and called a taxi. It was snowing lightly and it was very cold. The sky was so grey and morbid. I talked all the way down with the taxi driver. His mother had recently passed…

She used every means to get me by her side…I will be forever thankful and she passed a little after midnight…

you poked me
three times
I was by your side
one last time …you looked at me
passing to the other side

missing you
embraced by your soothing voice
telling me each time

I love you darling –
don’t forget your Hail Mary’s

never too old
j’suis toujours ton bébé
miss you Mom…



Daily Moments season’s cold breaths


My hands are cold
My heart is numb and silent
My eyes keep swimming

Aiming to the surface _ yet
the light’s so far away

Hunching forward
Shrinking to the fetal state
turning to my heart

is another day
…so they say

©️Tournesol’ 17/11/25

November 25/17 Daily Moments  cold breaths of autumn

the 9th life (haibun) Daily Moments November 24/17

He lived a humble life alone…a niece or a nephew here and there brought sunshine to his life…his offspring found no time, nor care to watch the sunset by his side. Before he reached this tranquil life, he’d tested his boundaries, stretching the elastics of addictions. Too many “last calls” and rolling dice and flirting reckonings from the meanest loan sharks. Like a cat, he had at least eight lives.

After umpteenth losses, he faced illness and disability, rooming in the most modest abode…a small room among others  slightly different yet much the same;  not in any kind of bed and breakfast, yet three fixed meals a day.

rags to riches
unrequited love
to borrowed rags.

Last week, he went for a stroll. Waiting at the corner for the light to change, he steps down the curb leaning on his cane, minding his own business like he’s done all his life…

meeting his maker
with a BANG

smell of burnt rubber
wail of niece and nephew

maman et papa
sisters and big brothers
show the way

most unusual racetrack
with perpetual winnings

This is in honour of my uncle, after hearing the news I received today about his sudden death …my mother’s brother.

Written for Micro Poetry Month #24

Daily moments paradise beyond November 24 2017

November 15th, 1976 (haibun) MicroPoetry Month – Daily moments

If you talk to a man in a language he understand, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.  –Nelson Mandela


How can I not write something on this date November 15th.   Je m’en souviens all too well.  Sure I have mixed feelings being of two cultures and embracing both. My mother, being French Québecois has always said she was a bilingual Canadian. She has never shared the vengeance and yet she has surely experienced the unfairness and the disrespect  all too often.

My father,  being of Irish and Welsh background, his maternal grandfather settled here due to his Irish Catholic background but his father being of the mindset of English is best allowed me to feel the humiliation for my mother.

French speaking persons in the 50’s and 60’s could not get decent work if they did not speak fluent English and even then, it was difficult to rise in a company carrying a French name.  How this has changed dramatically today!

I understand the need for change. One must be mindful, when the pendulum swings too much and stays there, it turns justice into resentment and vengeance. And being of these two cultures, I have too often been on the fence carrying the sins of my ancestors.

in the making
November 15th

a new government is born

citizens hail
Vivre le Québec Libre
français shall rule

laws to preserve their language
change well past due

years of oppression
fuels their passion
the pendulum swings


Written for MicroPoetry Month November 15th 2017

Quebec 1976 Parti Québecois Victory

wistful moments (a cherita and solo renga -MicroPoetry Month #14)


the old man listens to the melodies

water running over timeless rocks
lyrics swimming in his head

an angel met him here long ago
even fish splashed in the creek
only her memory remains


breathing her name
with a long wistful sigh
a tear runs down his cheek

leaves rustle in the wind
a sparrow sings a love song

sitting on the log
the old man smiles
embracing the past


Daily Moments Nov.  14 – MicroPoetry Month #14 & Haiku Horizons: log

reflections of a helper (free verse and solo renga)

This is a free verse written for MicroPoetry Month with the theme of “violence” in mind, reflections of a youth counsellor, followed by solo renga.

She listens with benevolence
their stories never told
the shame and guilt of violence
those tales so raw and bold
of adults spewing cunning lies
they violate ‘til she cries.

A pause ensues, she hears a sigh
despite attempts to offer hope
their stories make her cry

said tears bring no relief
some tales are just too hard to bear
she hears them in their grief;

the hardest tale of all to share
are secrets found in dark despair
illicit truths, unmasking lies
“You know I love you… Daddy cares.!”

she holds their secrets in her heart
and hopes the healing may finally start

tomorrow is another day
she knows it will soon start again
and she’ll be there to hear their say
in hopes to soothe the constant pain
if even for the briefest moment
expunge the grief away

© Clr’15

(solo renga)

autumn leaves
left on the grounds
destroy emerald greens

remains left to decompose
destroy the life beneath

tending to debris
allows the earth to breath
thrive again in spring

©Tournesol ’17/11/09


Sexual Assault Canada ;   Child Abuse in Canada

This video shows true stories in America and  statistics as well in U.S.A. – Child Abuse prevention PSA


Written for MicroPoetry Month #9