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Do you see what I feel?


Do You See What I Feel by Dana Harrell-Sanders

When I talked about you last night

it was just to write a verse.

It was fiction. No big deal! alright?


Why the constant striking

must there be so much throbbing

with such vengeance my way?

I was only kidding yesterday.


I didn’t mean anything by the poetry.

Please remove the heavy artillery!

Lower the mega equipment

Please take out the iron fists

that push, pound and torment,

beating incessantly

invoking indignation

imposing impatiently

seeking retribution

but for what?!


Have some compassion

let’s call it a truce

give me a meagre portion

of amnesty

please believe

I’ll never complain…

grant me some reprieve

to relieve this pain.

cease this unremitting beating

nonstop on this poor form of ail

it hurts just to breathe

I wince when I inhale

my plea is humble and pure

Please, please, JUST stop!

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/02/10

Slumber’s Guest


Can’t wait to get to sleep
dream, dream and unwind
this time when I wake up
will look forward, try to find
in the middle of the night
I won’t reach for my phone
checking time left for rest
rather write down a few words
try recalling at my best
conjure up from my dreams
slumber’s much delightful guest,
stories telling what I deem
excellent stories…fantasies
just amazing tales to keep
every night in my sleep…

Yep, can’t wait to slip away
and see the stories unfold
all night long imagining
stories needing to be told.

I adore some of my dreams
love to wander, float away…
on a dreamlike getaway
like a nomad that will stray
journeys most internally
learning more just how …to be,
letting go finally
finding space to just… BE.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/01/31

Wonders of my life

Photo: Cheryl-Lynn Dec 2013, Montreal
Photo: Cheryl-Lynn Dec 2013, Montreal

The first snowfall
every year
brings the child
in me so near.

When a rainbow
tails the rain
makes me gasp
just can’t refrain.

My first crush
I still remember
and it still
gives me a rush;

My first kiss
from my true love
memories of erotic bliss
how I fail to forget,
my first pleasures
of the flesh
warms my skin
as I still blush.

The first stirrings
in my womb
makes my heart
flip and flop
feeling joy
wrapped with wonder;
baby boy
in my arms
suckling on my breast,
baby girl
in my embrace
next to my son
who’s grown so much
such a wonder…all of this!

soaking up those first smiles,
first words, first steps,
sheer wonder all of this
absolutely total bliss!

Rediscovering nature
in its delight
through the eyes
of my children
giving me a second chance
to embrace life again,
showing reverence
to Mother Earth.

Then the splendor
music offers
making magic
my son plays
on those bronze
copper strings;
watch in wonder;
when daughter
sings soprano
like an angle
in her choir
feel in awe
every  hour.

Watch the birth
of my grandson
cut the cord of life as well
how my heart OH! did it swell!
wept with joy
to see this boy.

Every sunset…
every dawn
brings such wonder
so serene
I’ve been blessed
ten thousand times
and still counting
I’m so thankful
such sheer wonders
I have seen.


© Cheryl-Lynn, January 27, 2014

Prompt 40, Sheer Wonder

A conversation about anger

A conversation between Me and Mini-Me on Anger. Hope you enjoy this, Cheryl-Lynn

Stop the Stigma

Originally written in January 2014. When I saw someone reblog this today, I thought to myself, “Hmm,  did I write this?” I sure did and often I would suprise myself writing on Sreejit’s prompts at The Seekers Dungeon.  Well I decided to repost this here because school is starting up REAL soon and it does touch thoughts on Bullying.  Clr 2014/08/23


A conversation about Anger with Mini-Me (MM)

Me: What do you think is meant by Anger?
Mini Me: It is what it is, right?

Me: but what might that be?
Mini Me: It’s an emotion,
a deep feeling.

Me: but is it sometimes a ruse?
some kind of manipulation?
like the result of a short fuse.
Mini Me: Well (sigh) then it might
have become sort of a weapon; alright.

Me: Like … of mass destruction, you say?!
MM: heh, heh! good one, I like that analogy.
I suppose…

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Spiderman Bows His Head

A true act of kindness…just beautiful!

Kindness Blog


 "He loved superheroes, firefighters, and had neuroblastoma. He began to decline rapidly and the firefighters threw him a party with Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Spidey never left his side, not even for a second."
‘gottagetthat88mph’ wrote:
“The bravest kid that ever lived. He loved superheroes, firefighters, and had neuroblastoma. He began to decline rapidly and the firefighters threw him a party with Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Spidey never left his side, not even for a second.”


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