Why did we want to grow up so fast?

165401_379170882187237_1147079981_n There is a cute image on Facebook with a child sitting on a tree branch and the inscription reads “Do you remember the time when we couldn’t wait to grow up? Hmm, what the hell were we thinking?” Yeah, I know eh? That just put me smack back into my youth…remembering…

It was so cool still believing in Santa Clause! It sure was nice thinking so many people in the world were nice…well, except for the people your mother may have warned you to be careful with…like strangers in cars…

Yeah, like the guy who stopped his car and opened his trunk asking my sister (8) and I (6 at the time) to help him with his spare tire. Now how weird is that?!!! My sister always being the helpful good samaritan did not hesitate to climb right into that trunk and I still remember backing away, tight lipped and a bit irritated that she was being so darn NICE…again! I did not want to help this weird old man (old is relative since at 6 anyone over 20 is OLD!).

So there my sister was in the trunk of the car, pulling and tugging at that spare tire until Mr. Riel, our friend and town taxi driver, drives right up next to the car and yells out nonchantally with a little smile…”Hey, kids, your mom was worried because you still have not come home from school.” And into the taxi we climbed; I remember feeling relieved and when we got home, our mother explained there had been complaints that a suspicious car was parked near our elementary school for the past week or so…and he wanted to steal kids and do who knows what with…{I had not clue what “who knows what” was but it felt REAL scary}.

Phew!! Were we ever saved in the nick of time!!

But we were still young and innocent…I still thought babies came from being blessed in a church in Holy Matrimony and that only promiscuous (bad girls) women had to do that other yucky thing to get a baby.

I still believed that there WAS a prince charming for me when I grew up EVEN though I did NOT look like Marilyn Monroe…but I sure daydreamed I was this curvy, sexy, platinum blonde woman with shoulder length hair and driving a fire truck RED convertible (Cadillac 1958). I kid you not!! That was my dream at 6!!…

I believed that good things happened to good people and that was that! That my grandmother would live forever and so would her dog, Princess. That my mom would look young and beautiful forever (now she looked like Bette Davis…for real!).

My heroes then were Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Elvis. As I grew up my first celebrity crush was Sidney Poitier, Stevie Wonder and John Lennon; and then admired Marie Curie and Mother Teresa …I believed those cute messages the Beatles wrote to their fans and cried and screamed when I saw the Rolling Stones AND Brian Jones.{Yes, I AM that old!} Boy life was simple then!

Of course as I age, I have to admit that slowly but surely I am eliminating things in my mind and life and not sweating the small stuff as much…so I guess by the time I hit 90 I may be as naive and free spirited as a young child. Amen to that and to innocence:)me as a child

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, April 21, 2013

Being Mindful is probably a good thing…

I tried real hard NOT to listen to the news yesterday…wanted to get through my shift first…this morning I finally succumbed to turn onto CNN. The Governor, Attorney General, ATF and FBI were among several giving a press conference and in that little window to the right of my tv screen, I could see images, of events that took place since this terrible tragedy.

I have a difficult time admitting there is such a thing as evil and darkness in the world; probably my naïve nature. I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news after 911…it just made me too sad and I could see myself slowly turning cynical. In order to do my work, encourage and comfort people…I had to make some important choices.
And so social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and amazing blogs on WordPress inform me…I can choose to read, or not read with the simple click of my mouse or swipe on my smart phone.

Having read a thought provoking and common sense blog this morning By Opinionated Man

Awareness versus Fear.

” it made me realise that it is true there is such a thing as darkness in the world. Perhaps I should accept it as part of nature…{Gosh that sounds so sad and cynical!} It reminds me of THUNDER when COLD air meets HOT air {Cold/calousness hits Hot/warmth of heart and soul} …I suppose there is a lot of polarity in nature, in humanity and in the universe…

I tend to NOT be privy of such things and perhaps that is just a defense mechanism …to be in denial, I don’t have to face the fact that there can be such cruelty and evil in the world. However, having read the wise words of Opinionated Man, it IS a good idea to be aware…not living fear but be mindful and alert of such things.

That said, my heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost a loved one to this senseless tragedy… also my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured…both physically and emotionally by this…

Things that make my day!

15921083-happy-young-woman-on-the-stepswind_blowing_in_my_hair_by_PITIKMIKMIKIt is sunny outside…the wind is blowing and feels like a steady breeze…that’s because it is a steady southerly breeze { my favourite sailing wind because it is steady and warm}. What could a person ask for more on a Monday to start my afternoon shift?

Okay, so there are some things that MATTER for a woman to turn things into good energy. A good night’s sleep…yep; a feline friend to greet you with minoushes and head butting on my hand to pet her too…yep; it’s hair day today and all the conditioners, oils and drying just seem to work in sync…yesssiree…and you feel like a million bucks…Yes, I do!

All of the above is enough to get you to grrrrreat start…but I have more.
I get a nice warm message from one special person…and if THAT is not enough, mia cara amica, Bella is coming to town this week!!! Woot Woot!!! Que j’a hate !! per darvi grande abbraccio mia amica !!! xxx000 {if there are mistakes, you get the gist Bella, right?}

And so out the door I go, with backpack filled with dinner and warm clothes to come home late in the night…azure blue skies, sun warming my face and the wind flowing just “right” in my hair.

Work for 4 hours, then training for volunteer work another 3 hours…Rather than feel frazzled with my busy day…I feel pumped. I am pretty sure it is also because I am starting something new too. I love to learn new things, love to work my mind and when it is enhanced with compassionate work helping people in mental health miieu…It’s just like trying on a brand new pair of glasses…the lenses may be just a bit clearer…I am going to learn a little bit more and see just a bit different and enhanced. My vision will be tweaked here and there.

THAT is the beauty of training and volunteering…you learn for FREE and you can practise all this new knowledge while helping people.

Getting ready for Oprah…

A whole day off to get some errands done, relax and get pampered at the hairdresser.  THAT is a luxury for me as I usually fix my hair myself and usually do a great job.  Being the daughter of a hairdresser and having spent a gazillion hours in front of a mirror in my mom`s Home beauty salon, I got to try lots of things.  So for me to like this hairdresser and the way she cuts and sets hair means she is DARN good!! Jess Hair2Go …actually her name is Jessica Sylvia but that would be a catchy name for a hair Salon.

Why the special pampering at my hairdresser today? I won 2 tickets to see Oprah LIVE at the Montreal Bell Centre tonight!! Woot – woot!…She is an amazing woman that I admire for her perserverance, her talent as a reporter, business woman,  actor and just all amazing person and philanthropist.

+ I have never been at the Bell Centre EVER!!…it was built around the time I moved to Toronto and just never had the opportunity…so it is a big deal for me tonight.  + I am going with my son who is 30 something and it`s just nice and rare that a man would accompany his mom to see OPRAH!! I am very proud of my son and love him dearly.


Just got back and OPRAH is amazing!  She is a philosopher of some sort now and shares messages that are quite closely related to finding our purpose…lots of things of which I have been blogging about and thinking very profoundly.  So what does that say to me?  That tells me that I am right smack where I should be in my life…this lecture tonight just reaffirmed all that I have been exploring and aming form.

So be it…it was an amazing evening and so nice to share with my son:)

Nite world!

A tragic loss…

Tragic loss in 2013

Another soul destroyed, another heart broken and alas, a life is lost. Rehtaeh Parsons took her life this week… The tragedy in Nova Scotia has surely hit the hearts of most people in the country and with the media as well as all over the world.  My heart goes out to the Parsons’family and the community.  I have no doubt that everywhere,  mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, youths and adults all grieve this terrible loss.


I think of the students at school and the mixed emotions that fill them.  How do they handle this?  A tragic death…a person living with so much despair, takes her life not knowing what else to do to ease the plague that besieged her…the hell she must have been living.

Everyone is impacted by this tragedy and as a society we are all implicated in some way…how do we react to sexual assault?   Not enough legal proof?  Okay, so why do we as a society look for ONLY authorities to weigh this?  As parents, as part of the community, as schools, as friends of friends of friends who know what happened…why can’t we try to teach our youths?  What about those who taunt, tease and harass to the point of pushing a person to utter despair?  How can we teach these persons that this type of “bullying” is pure torture they are enforcing on a peer?

I am not just talking about consequences; many youths  will be living with a huge burden the rest of their lives that I would not wish on anyone…ever.  I am talking about how do we respond to our youths’ who are exploring life but still need guidance?  How do we teach them right from wrong so they can “get it”…the moral and ethical meaning?  How do we help them tap into their consciences/soul  and act with respect and concern for others?

Grief brings up lots of difficult emotions such as shock, denial, sadness, anger, guilt, confusion to name a few but I think anger is one that is quick to follow a person around and swaddle their mind, squeeze their heart and fill their soul.  Some will be lashing out at anyone or anything as one tries to come to terms with what they are dealing … a tragic loss.  Sometimes anger is easier to endure…it is loud and active. It is letting out the pain rather than drowning in sorrow.   In order to put aside feelings of powerlessness,  better to feel the energy (although negative) of anger.  And so for many teenager-depression_girlpersons,  anger will be their ally …it may be their way of trying to drudge through this long difficult grieving journey, jumping hoops to avoid the pain of sadness and guilt.

My heart and prayers go out to the family and to  those inflicted with this terrible unrest.

If you know of a youth who needs help…let him/her know there IS help…reach out to this person, offer your ear, call a trusted adult to help him/her…if in doubt…call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or check their website http://kidshelpphone.ca   http://jeunessejecoute.ca for information; they offer counselling on Live Chat as well and you can even download their App Always There /Toujours a l’Ecoute.  Sometimes it can be easier to talk to a professional in an anonymous setting…it’s a start.

Remember that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary (however long that may appear or feel) problem.  There is help…

La vie EST belle!

195_21715380229_2529_nCroyez-vous à la renaissance ou « rebirth »? Croyez-vous à changer un état d’esprit « mindset » … juste un peu? Alors, moi, oui !   Et, je trouve que cela peut effectivement se manifester … et  ce n’est pas  toujours nécessaire d’avoir subis des heures et des heures de thérapie ou de lire 10,001 articles psychologiques,  ni  avoir suivis des cours ou avoir lu des livres « psychopop » … “il suffit  une ouverture”.  Ouf ! que c’est vraiment simplifier cette notion…mais bon.    Fondamentalement, tout ce qu’il faut est un esprit ouvert … qui peut transformer  les choses  en toute beauté dans votre vie.

Les sceptiques ont probablement cessé de me lire et sont mis à lire le blogue suivant.  C’est bien correct !   le bon « timing » est essentielle pour en être vraiment là.   Avoir une ouverture d’esprit n’est pas un état fait à volonté.   Le moment propice doit en être là…c’est ce que je crois en tous les cas.

Je l’ai dit de nombreuses fois  que les relations interpersonnelles qu’importe la durée  {attendre en ligne dans une banque ou  un trajet en autobus …) les rencontres à l`imprévues et les interactions avec quelqu’un PEUVENT AVOIR un impact énorme sur vous. Certaines de ces interactions au hasard  peuvent vous faire réfléchir pendant des jours et des jours. Certains peuvent éveiller une idée profonde  qui était caché pendant longtemps et qui ne faisant aucun sens il y a  101 mois ;   mais maintenant  cette pensée semble couler si bien . «Ouais», vous  vous dites, « Qu’est-il arrivé à mon vouloir  de ……….?  Wow ! J’ai gardé ça mûrir en dedans de moi tout ce temps! »

Alors qu’est-ce qui s’est réellement passé? Une idée, une pensée une réflexion mijotée pendant des jours, des semaines, des mois et oui, parfois pendant  des années. Et quand cet esprit «s`ouvre» jusqu’au moment propice de l’interaction avec cet inconnu, cet enseignant,  cet ami, ce collègue, cette nouvelle connaissance , cette parenté … ou ce nouvel amoureux … bon, ça peut venir de n’importe où, mais si vous êtes à cette place (psychologique et physique)  cette personne qui fait un commentaire ou une remarque  peut déclencher et faire relever cette vieille pensée endormis depuis longtemps ;  elle va refaire surface et cette fois-si vous elle vous aurait un bon sens…ça va faire un «DÉCLIQUE » !

Si vous me suivez toujours,  accrocher avec suspense à savoir qu’est-ce qui était  cette pensée … euh,  je ne crois pas que cela a d’importance.   Il peut y avoir une perception de longue date que j’ai eue sur moi-même vis-à-vis  la vie en général ou d’un incident particulier. Il peut être une pensée que je pensais que j’en étais fini concernant quelques situations de mon passé,  mais que je faisais de petits commentaires à l’occasion qui me remettait en doute que ce fût vraiment réglé dans mon cœur.   Et ça me rendait encore « accrochée ».  Ensuite, une âme fascinante bourrée de sagesse dit quelques mots, et voilà !   Cette « vielle pensée »  secoue la poussière d`elle-même et remonte à la surface de votre conscience.

C’est ce qui m’est arrivé hier soir ou ce matin, en fait puisqu’il était dépassé minuit ET non, je ne suis pas transformée en citrouille !    Être un oiseau de nuit, je fais mes meilleures réflexions aux petites heures de la nuit.   On dirait que les toiles d’araignées disparaissent  de mon esprit et je peux voir et entendre mieux  avec clarté.   {Je ne sais pas si je m’explique clairement ça semble la manière que je le vois et je le sens pour cette expérience particulière}.

Je parlais d`une situation de mon passé en passant (mais pourtant, il ce n’est vraiment jamais des commentaires en passant, hein? Ces commentaires nonchalants passagers se soupirent par la suite avant de changer de sujet.   (Cela ressemble plus juste de prétendre que le gros éléphant n’est pas là et faire senblant que tout va bien.} Et puis, mon ami a fait un bref commentaire: «Mais c’est dans le passé ça, non?” BAM!  Ça m’a frappée!

Au début, je me suis sentie gênée parce que je déteste parler de vieux trucs qui ne peut pas être changé et me voici que je faisais justement ça…ouf !:(

D`une part je voulais  m’expliquer … une énorme partie de moi-même sentait de la honte et de la colère envers moi de ne pas être capable de me débrouiller mieux d’un problème . Oui, il y a des raisons pour laquelle je me suis immobilisée que je vivais des difficultés à gère ceci.  Cependant, la honte et le mépris que je ressentais envers moi  parce que j’ai senti depuis longtemps que je n’étais pas à la hauteur de mon plein potentiel.

J’étais en colère contre moi-même pour ne pas préserver plus  et  de ne pas céder aux défis de la vie que je faisais face.  Bien sûr que je savais tout cela intellectuellement, mais il ne s’est jamais lié avec mon cœur et mon âme pour faire le « Déclique ».  Pourtant, j’essaie d’expliquer ce phénomène à mes clients et que cela peut prendre beaucoup de temps à digérer des informations avant que ça, le lien se fasse.  Quand le lien se fait votre état d’esprit fait, un « reboot » (redémarrage) . C’est tout! Quand il y a un redémarrage, un nettoyage des trucs inutiles et toxiques se décompose… NICE!

Alors, me voici aujourd`hui baignant dans ce nouvel  état d’esprit et à imaginer le visage de cette bonne et cropped-girl-blue-larger.gifbelle personne n’ayant aucun jugement envers moi, et que de la compassion en faisant son petit réplique.  Et, cette fois-ci  le commentaire a vite fait le lien dans tout mon esprit.    Certains appellent ça un moment  «AHA » ou un moment d’éclaircissement.  Moi, je vois ça un peu comme un souffle qui a neutralisé cette attitude négative que j’ai lâché prise et je me suis libérer avec mon esprit ouvert … super!

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, le 31 mars, 2013

Life IS beautiful!

195_21715380229_2529_nDo you believe in rebirth? Do you believe in changing that mindset…just a little?  I do and it actually can happen…and not always with hours and hours of therapy or 10,001 articles read, courses or self-help books…it just takes “openness”.  Oh boy, how oversimplified is that?!
But basically all it takes is an open mind…that can turn things beautiful in your life.

The skeptical are probably sneering at this and most have already gone on to the next blog to read…so be it…timing is everything and I can certainly respect that.  But being open is not something you can do at will. Well, I don’t really think so.

I have said many many times how human interactions, however little {like waiting in line at a bank or on a bus ride somewhere…) the chance meetings and talking with someone CAN change you in so many ways.  Some of those chance intercourses make you think for days and days.  Some may awaken some deep hidden thought that never made sense 101 months ago but now it seems to actually flow. “Yeah,” you say to yourself, “What ever happened to my wanting to ……………? Gee, I really had that in me all this time!”  So what actually happened?  An idea, a thought an enlightenment simmered for days, weeks, months and yes, many times for years.  And when that mind “opens” up just at that moment when interacting with that stranger, that teacher, that friend, that colleague, that new acquaintance, that relative…or that new found lover…hey, it can come from anywhere but if you are at that place with that “someone” who comments on something that can trigger that old hidden thought of yours…it WILL resurface and this time…actually make sense…”it will finally CLICK!”

If you are still with me, hanging on and wondering what that thought was…um, I am not sure that is what the point is. Is it?  It can be a long standing perception I have had on myself vis-à-vis life in general or a particular incident. It can be my thinking I have moved on in regards to a few situations but my occasional commenting or “ranting” proves I am still stuck.   Then an amazing soul embodied with wisdom makes a very brief comment and voilà!  That old idea shakes the dust off itself and rises to the surface of your conscious.

That is what happened to me last night or this morning actually since it was passed midnight and no, I had not turned into a pumpkin!  Being a night person, I do my best simmering and cooking in the wee hours of the night.  It is like the cobwebs have disappeared in my mind and I can hear and see vividly {not sure that is termed correctly but it just feels right for this particular experience}.

I was talking about an age old situation in passing (but yet, it is never in passing, is it? Those nonchalant fleeting comments, those sighs afterwards and then changing the subject.  It is more like just pretending that big fat honking elephant is not there.}  And then my friend made a brief comment, “But that’s in the past, right?”  BAM! It hit me!

At first I felt embarrassed because I hate talking about old stuff that cannot be changed and here I was bringing up some of it. Part of it was to explain myself…a huge part of me is ashamed and angry at ME for not being able to muddle through a problem better.  Yes, there are reasons I got stuck and struggled but the resentment and shame I feel is towards myself because I have been feeling for a long time that I have not measured up to my full potential.  I am upset with myself for not pushing more forward and NOT giving in to life’s challenges that can drag me down.  Oh, I knew all of this intellectually but it never connected with my heart and soul.  I try to explain this to clients that it can take a long time to process some information and ideas before it hits home…your heart and soul…and when it does, your mindset does a reboot.  That’s it!! When there is a reboot, lots of the useless and toxic junk decomposes…NICE!

Ok, so here I am today and relishing in this new mindset and visualizing this kind soul’s face…no cropped-girl-blue-larger.gifjudgement but compassion that uttered a few words…but this time it connected to the core of my whole being.   Some people call it an “aha” moment… this is slightly more as it is the enlightenment that neutralized that negative stance I held on to and now I feel liberated by my open mind…lovely!

                                              © Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, March 31, 2013

Easter sure IS off to a good start!

20130311_233302Easter weekend is among us and for many it can mean a lot of things.  Good Friday often means repenting for your sins…not that I believe in “sin” but I do believe in taking an inventory of my life and what I have done and what I can do to improve myself as a person.  What can I do to be a better person?  That is something I have asked myself since I was a teenager I think.  Praying and asking the Great Spirit, “Please help me be a better person.” Souvent je m’entend demander à le grand Créateur,”Aidez Picture of me 46moi à devenir une meilleure personne.”

I suppose being raised Catholic, guilt and never feeling I measure up or am good enough could be partly the reason I may have thought  this way.   So that would be it is something that I “learned” growing up.  Then there is the “nurture” part, being raised by the most loving mother and grandmother that this planet has known…really!  Also being loved by extended family as well, wonderful aunts and uncles…and yes, on my father’s side of the family too…I never doubted being loved by these wonderful people in my life…EVER!     Possiblement c’est mon passé étant Catholique de vivre de la culpabilité, de ne se sentir assez à la hauteur, mais bon…la vie m’a donné une mère et grand-mère qui m’ont nourrit des méga doses d’amour! Ainsi une famille qui m’ont permis de ne jamais douter d`être aimé.

Yet, there are persons that crossed my path and yes, some who were  part of my life that did place stones in my shoes and I felt their pain, doubted if I could walk straight and tall enough…but I still did despite those hurdles.  A new friend I recently became acquainted with often says this good-humouredly…Stand TALL…and I have, I do and I will!

C’est vraie que j’ai aussi connu des gens qui ont placer quelques cailloux dans mes souliers qui me faisait mal donc je ressentais la douleur, je me suis douté un peu de pouvoir marcher (agir)  correctement et à la hauteur…mais je l’ai quand même réussis malgré tout ça.  Une nouvel connaissance me dis souvent en riant, Tiens-toi GRAND…et je l’ai fait, je le fait and je vais continuer à le faire.

The Great Spirit planned some learning experiences  throughout my life I think…but also ensured that I would always have a hand extended to help me up every time I looked up from a painful fall.  I am thankful for that miracle of what I like to call “love”.  I have known love in so many facets and colours…but I have known love and still continue to be immersed in love.  What an amazing velvety blanket to surround myself with too!


Le grand Créateur m`a placer des expériences toute ma vie pour me donner des bonnes leçons.  Dans ce plan, il y a toujours eu aussi une main tendu pour m’aider à me relever quand je trébuchais. J’ai connu l’amour… Des petit coup de velours de ressentir l’amour pour autrui et l’amour pour soi.  Que je suis choyée! Me sentir dorloté d’amour des amis et de la famille est tellement resplendissant.20130112_182435

Being loved as a daughter, a sister, many loving special cousins have crossed my paths…some longer than others, uncles, aunts, grandmother and grandfather…special amazing teachers in grade school, high school and university…so many wonderful people.  I have even had several employers that were kind and giving…they  too feel like family to me.

I have also known romantic and passionate love…some short lived, others longer…and the most amazing and intense love of all…my children…loving them so much it sometimes hurt…seeing them glow is contagious…seeing them struggle and cry breaks my heart in pieces every time.  Only a parent knows that joy and pain…and then as if that is not enough love to overextend the heart…a grandchild is born…and the flame of love burns even stronger.

J’ai connu l’amour de ma famille, ainsi ma sœur, mes cousins, oncles, tantes, grands-parents et parents. ET l’amour le plus profonde de tout…mes enfants…les aimer tellement que ¸ça fait mal parfois…les voir s’épanouir m’entoure de joie…les voir effondrer me brise le cœur et si cela n’était pas assez fort comme amour…le cœur s’étire encore plus avec l’arrivé d’un petit fils…la flamme de cet amour brule encore plus fort.

This morning I  prepared a homemade meatball spaghetti sauce for my family dinner.  I have to work Easter Sunday, so tonight was going to be our Easter family dinner.  I kept thinking of my dear friend Maria as I was rolling my meat into little meatballs and adding them into my “secret” sauce to allow them to simmer 3 hours…just enough time so I can leave for my visit back home.

Maria is the only Italian mama that I know personally who cooks constantly for her family but with such love.  I  had occasions to sit in her kitchen many times in her home in Mississauga.  Talking and listening to me, stirring here and there…chopping garlic and onions, shaving cheese and making me a cappuccino at the same time.

20130224_094316 This morning as I stirred my sauce and added my spices I too felt the love I was adding into my meal.  I knew my son and daughter in law like meatballs, and so it pleased me cooking something that makes them happy.

Then off to pick up my son so we could visit mom in the nursing home together.  Today I would not have time to feed her lunch since I was going to Assomption to pick up a guitar my son had found…a GREAT deal.  I was looking forward to the drive…me and my son travelling for a few hours, brought me back to yesteryear; remember those times made me smile.  How we drove around together, carpooled his friends from concerts and parties; listening to music and enjoying the view on those drives.

It was a blessed picture seeing mom and my son hold hands…one could easily see the tenderness he has for her just by his smile.  I guess one could say it was a “Kodak” moment, even if that sounds lame…it was beautiful and filled my heart with so much love and joy!  Eh, oui regarder la tendresse dans les yeux de mon fils qu’il avait pour maman me remplissait avec tellement d’amour et de joie.20130329_162819

We spent 4 hours afterwards driving to and back to get that special guitar.  As he fiddled with it while I cooked the pasta, I was reminded of those soothing melodies I heard late nights as I went to bed.  They were my lullabies that gently put me to sleep as my teenage son practised on his classical guitar late at night.

This sure has started to be an amazing weekend thus far!  I have more to enjoy tomorrow…sneaking a visit with my grandson and ending my day with a nice friend.  Ce fut le début d’une fin de semaine céleste pour moi!

I am not sure if it is springtime or just my realizing how lucky I am to have family and great friends but the love I am feeling this weekend is pure joy.  Est-ce que c’est le printemps ou tout simplement que je réjouie de ma famille et des amis extraordinaires…mais, l’amour que je ressens ce weekend me remplis d’une joie fraiche.

Happy Easter…welcome madam Spring…let love flow through the currents of life …

Joyeuses Pâques…bienvenue madame le printemps…laissé allez l’amour couler dans les courants de la vie.

Betty Boop reminds me of an important lesson that just may be a nice way to celebrate Spring.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, March 30, 2013


YES! I found my eyeliner!!!

Let my fingers do the talking...Last week when I was visiting my mom at the nursing home, I was a bit early for her dinner, so I decided to go to the local drug store and check out the make-up.  At my age, I CAN use all the help I can or perhaps it is all an illusion on my part…I think that black, blue or charcoal eyeliner makes my eyes “POP” and no one notices all my other aging features.  Oh, yeah??!! {Starting to wonder and get that confused scary look on my face.}  Well!! it works for me and the multi-million dollar corporations who sell the darn stuff, so there!…moving on along…

I went in there with the intention to purchase ONE eyeliner but a salesgirl…this bubbly, young, skinny {skinnier than Twiggy, so yeah, that’s skinny!…I should know, I used to be skinny back in the stone age} comes up to offer me help. “Bonjour, je peux vous aider?”  After I explain I need an eyeliner that goes on nice and smooth but stays on regardless of my teary eyes {ummm, yeah, the dry eyes are part of aging too…go figure…sheesh! But I can pretend I wear contact lenses with my drop dead gorgeous blue eyes, right?!}

So she shows me one brand that is just 6.99 (a steal!!) I should have taken that one and run out…but no, she keeps talking to me and moving demurely   effortlessly {not a term fitting for her…how can you be demure and that skinny and young?…dosesn’t demure mean Dorothy Lamoure  curvy look? Hmmm, will have to edit that and think of another word later.}  She brings me towards another section of VERY EXPENSIVE products. There are names I have never heard of and can’t even pronounce, so I guess they must be very hip since they are not even close to sounding like Revlon, Maybelline, Max Factor or Clinique (My brand).  Oh, boy, I thought to myself, she is going to con me into buying something…oh dear….not to worry, I straighten my shoulders to give that assertive stance…and pretend to listen to her spiel…

BUT SHE GOT ME AT,  “Seeeeee, try it….” As the pencil just so friggin glides real nice and smooth…and the colours!! Well, how can one choose??!!”  She continues, “If you purchase $25 or more of THIS product, which by the way is Pupa Milano (what a weird name…I wonder if it’s pronounced Poooop AHHH or Pup AH;  oh well, with the added Milano it does give it a bit of  sophistication, I suppose.  Hey, those advertisers must know something, right?

“….with that purchase, there is a promotion” {bad word bad word!!! Makes you believe you got a good deal, must have, must have situation!} “…of a new voluminous eyeliner with a nail polish of exotic colours and it is a great gift pack originally {another bad bad bad deceiving word} marked at $32.00 for FREE.”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! She said the “FREE” word…I was a gonner.  So I bought 2 of those nice smooth eyeliners that came out to be $32.00 to get my FREE $32.00 mascara and nail polish and STILL purchased my original eyeliner at $6.99 brand Personnelle which is, by the way, excellent!!!…  “smooth and affordable” (the mantra for low budget peeps like me).

I felt a bit guilty as I always do for spending $$$ that I cannot afford but kept telling myself I really got it for free since the promotional package was worth the same thing …spent $32 to get another $32…okay…boy, it’s a good thing I don’t live in a big city where there are so many swift, crafty and devious people marketing their wares! But then again, I usually get caught in the smaller towns thinking these people are so much more honest and caring like me!!  Well, she was a good salespersons…good for her!!

That original black eyeliner was what I originally wanted and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went on…I used it that evening to go to work after visiting my mom.  That was last week…I could never find the darn eyeliner afterwards.  I searched in every make up kit I could find  {I do have several…well, I have years and years of wisdom to cover!!}.  Every day for the past week I would look in purses, back packs, coat pockets {Oh, well, living in Quebec one MUST have several winter coats …so I do have many pockets to go through} and could not find it.

I kept closing my eyes and visualizing my putting it in the zippered pocket on the inside of my HUGE black purse.  Then I emptied the contents of said purse AGAIN for the 20th time, on the floor.  Nothing!:(  then I placed my hand on the inside and smoothed my hand on the lining to feel for something…a bump or something and VOILÀ!!! I felt the form of a pencil inside the lining of my purse.  There must have been a wee hole in the zippered section…YES!!  And I found my eyeliner!!  made up eyes

So don`t give up, readers, when you are searching for something not too big, not too small, but small enough to slip through a tiny opening in the lining of a coat pocket or purse…you just may find something you have searched for a long time…happy treasure hunt.

Montreal City Lights…an amazing Band!

Last week I had the opportunity to see an amazing band perform at Café Campus, Montréal, Qc..  To see these guys perform…to hear the depth of their talent was awesome!

Montreal City Lights
Montreal City Lights

Here is a little bio I got from their website that YOU should all check out http://www.montrealcitylights.com

Founded in 2010, Montreal City Lights is the result of individuals who have one thing in common: a strong passion for music. The band is composed of Alexandre Lavoie (vocals, guitar), Jean-François Nadeau (drums),  Philippe Pilon (bass), Sébastien Fournier (trumpet) and Dominique Moisan (voice). The group takes us on a musical journey with their songs that contain a wide variety of colors. This blend of talented musicians results in a Folk-Rock-Pop-Blues festive ambiance with plenty of nuances. Right from the start, the band performed on many stages including Club Soda, Le National and Le Petit Campus. Launched in February 2012, the first EP of the band is called “Sing for you” and will soon be sold on  http://montrealcitylights.bandcamp.com/.

I always feel so privileged to be in the presence of creative talent. Not only is this group a great musical band, the singer, lead guitarist is a composer too!  Yep, and he devotes probably most of his free time to his passion. I should know [rubbing my fingernails on my shoulder and blowing on them, with a bit of pride…I work with this guy!].

So when I say work, I mean Alex works full time on a counselling crisis line for youths besides his creative

Alexandre Lavoie
Alexandre Lavoie Taylor

job. Every day, at each break he wolfs down his meal so he can take advantage of the rest of his spare time to sing, pratise and sing some more in a back room of our counselling centre.  Our clinical manager appreciates his talent and found him a place that does not disturb us while we are working.

But I gotta say, I like to sneak over to a couch that leans against the wall of “that back room” and just relax and unwind listening to that acoustic guitar and strong rich voice…oh yeah, feels nice to unwind like that.

This band plays a mix of so many styles that are true to my heart like folk, bluesy, rock and I guess like most folks, when you aren’t sure you just catagorize that as “alternative”.  They just completed their FIRST CD and this is a BIG DEAL…really!  Each song was created with the passion, talent and tenuous work of this band and especially….Alex!  It IS clear that this is a labour of love.

The thing that struck me last week was just how much all these bands put so much of themselves AND their hard earned money from their “day jobs” to pay to be able to perform at such venues as Café Campus.  My measly $5 cover charge was nothing and since not many peeps showed up in the middle of the week…blame it on winter, University reading week…whatever…these bands still have to cough up several hundreds of dollars and I did NOT see one band member complain…they perform to the little crowd as if we were a thousand groupies and fans cheering them on. What respect they have for an audience just astounds me!!  Really!!

I cant wait to purchase a few CDs of Montreal City Lights and lucky me, I can even get them autographed!!! YAY!!

I am willing to have some friends have a listen to a song or two but NO WAY do I allow them to copy…pirate any music that I purchase.  It stands to reason, that any kind of pirating is not only illegal it is also so friggin unethical…it is pretty darn despicable, I say!  Did you know that Canadians…yep, people known for being so polite and mild mannered…” on a per-person basis, dowloaded nearly two-and-a-half times as many unauthorized songs as Americans in the first half of 2012 (23.95 million in Canada, versis 96.68 in the U.S.).”  Ouch!! Not something to say you are proud to be Canadian, eh?


Is it tempting to download music for free? I suppose it could be because you think no one sees you and you are not hurting anyone…but aren’t you?   It is not any different than photocopying a book (and alas, there are peeps who do this too, I know)…I love to write and I would sure not want peeps copying my stuff…share at will, sure!  But give credit where it is due!

As for artists like Montreal City Lights

Montreal City Lights
Montreal City Lights

and the band I was also swepted away with Bright September   

Bright September check them out www.brightseptember.com
Bright September check them out www.brightseptember.com

…I can think of other bands I enjoy like Free Press in Toronto

  or Take the Boys here in Montreal  and I would never think of copying or downloading their stuff…if everyone does that, how are they able to create more amazing music?

When you are paying your measely $6 or $10 or $20 for a CD…you are just paying for the plastic and the cd…you are not even beginning to cover the cost of the time and time and time they have invested in their passion.  So some of you may say, “So what! It’s not my problem…they like jamming so who cares.”

Well I CARE and you are being selfish and inconsiderate peeps.   Imagine you have saved up for a real nice PS3 or an amazing new home entertainment unit…you have worked your butt off for a year to get these and one night you come home and you ‘ve been robbed!! OMG!! You say, and you feel violated.  Well, that is exactly what  you are doing to these artists every time you are pirating.

If you really can’t afford it…check out websites that let you have a sneak listen or borrow it from your local libarary…no one is asking you to pay pay pay…hey!  I get it!! Just don’t steal cuz that is basically what you’re doing. I hope  you think twice the next time you are tempted.

Go go go Montreal City Lights…the world is your oyster and all those clichés…I feel so proud seeing you guys blossom…I am your new groupie!!

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts