emerald bliss (haiga ~troiku)

nature’s grace 
  looking out my window 
    emerald bliss 
nature’s grace 
 genuine and refined 
   best feline friend 
looking out my window 
   only she can see 
     ghosts of my past 
emerald bliss 
  healing every fibre 
     of my soul 
© Tournesol ‘19-01-18 

Daily Moments – labour of love   (haiga) August 2, 2018

making love
under sunlit skies
fondling blossoms

fondling blossoms
ardently at work
preparing for autumn

preparing for autumn
harvesting honey
labour of love

(c) Tournesol ’18/08/02

Daily Moments – labour of love   (haiku) August 2, 2018

a different kind of therapist (haibun)

Waking earlier than usual, she shuffles eyes half closed, holding her forehead to the bathroom to run her bath.  Peeking through tired eyes at her reflection and after careful evaluation sighs with relief that Man-made masks exist in all forms.

ivory liquid
brushed smoothly
on ashen face
painting taupe shadows and liner
illusions of a happy face

Arriving at her appointment, she settles comfortably and opens up to a face of compassion. Tears running down her cheeks, her therapist listens with empathy and continues her task…

scraping and cutting
polishing for good measure
podiatrist soothes

Who knew her foot doctor could be the only one who seems to “get it”? Too bad the next appointment is only in two months.

 the perfectly shaped leaf


Daily Moments – November 22, 2017  a different kind of therapist (haibun – haiga) – MicroPoetry Month #22

Daily Moments – speechless (haiga) July 31 & August 1, 2017

I just noticed this prompt at Carpe Diem #1228 sunset (CD Imagination)   today and decided to include my “daily moments”  haiga at work yesterday, which just happened to be written July 31st.   


During a long counselling call, I looked out the window and noticed the sunset…I could not run up on the roof for a short break so I took a photo from my I-Phone …

Image may contain: sky and text

of a fading sky
nature’s last act


Today, looking at this photo again, my muse whispered her impressions…

brush strokes
with raging passion
on blazing sky
on tawny seas


the river mourns (troibun)


She gifted me on her very own birthday! Giving me a perfect day, sunshine and precious company, what better way to end it with this new tradition…

by the rapids
beating to a yearning heart
the river roars

by the rapids
waves pouring stories
dancing eagerly

beating to a yearning heart
embracing and comforting
Mother Nature knows

the river roars
rumbling outbursts
calming release

Daily Moments June 22/17 the river mourns