a lover’s muse (senryu + free verse)


Gazing from afar
in soft whispers – a favourite
love story unfolds


“you are the blue
of skies
that make me dream
of your eyes

you are the pink
of blush
warming my cheeks
when I think
of you

you are the green
of meadows
us – melting into one
a perfect lovers’ scene

you are the wind
off the sea
breathing life in my lungs
you are the red
of blood
running to my heart
you are light
of my life
illuminating total bliss

you are the fire within
that makes me wince with joy
so pure and enduring
left longing for more

you are a vision
just a dream
yet still fills
my whole being
for just a moment
this rumination
still surviving
will always be
forever thriving

as I close my eyes
I lay in wait at night
our secret rendezvous
I long for you, my knight
and as I drift away
I see you clear as day

you are the blue of skies
that lost horizon found
held together… bound,
until the sun doth rise.”


Daily moments of sweet reflections – a lover’s muse July 13, 2017


unpredictable muse (free verse – tanka)

staring at the screen
nothing happens
what is wrong with me?
I want to scream!
not a word comes
not even a phrase
from my empty head.

when that moment hails
and inspiration does not fail
what a feeling to be had
poetry in motion

alas it’s not tonight
the words will come
another day
until then I shall walk
around the parks
and search among the trees
to my muse they may talk

I feel a tanka brewing
in the back of my mind
yay, a line or two or three or five
to finally end my day


wind at my back
riding on my bicycle
taking in the view
shops, bistros and patios
summer’s around the bend


Daily Moments June 7, 2017 unpredictable muse 

time spins (troibun)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai presents us with a meme of the Spiritual Way – Imagination giving us the choice of four photos for our inspiration.




Time seems to loiter
slowly crawling uphill
each laboured breath
wheezing to the top
mayhem starts to enter
idol pandemonium
down, down, down
spiralling carelessly
or so it seems to me

twists and turns
clutching by the sides
hurling anecdotes
of a drawn-out past
settles in the present
warning for the future

mastering these moods
feelings and obssessions
hurdles that care less
dealt once in the past
habit keeps them near
patterns that have settled
trick me into believing
how powerless am I
and yet…

given it some thought
rational and real
oh! silly do I feel
preoccupied with naught

praying to the universe
chanting consciously
feeling the absurdity
lifting and disappear

how I must be mindful
when time does unravel
effort downhill travel
with an intense speed
settling’s just a habit
how I do know better
and I have discovered
this long-awaited gift
spirituality and me,
chanting passionately
gently brings me back
to virtual reality

Dandelion Tattoo

hanging on to
the unknown

hanging on to
unlikely and naïve
dandelion puffs

only calculations
do add up

the unknown
invisible to humans
held by the divine


Daily moments – Time spins April 20 2017 – troibun

taste bud’s delight (free verse – Haiku)

Sipping ice tea
with a zest of lemon
sweetened lightly
with a drop of honey
softens the tangy
taste on her tongue

Some things need only
lips brushed softly
tasting the sweetness
of A baby’s bum

Dollops dropped
of boiling maple syrup
on a bed of snow
turning nanas
into a little girl
laughing, dancing
drawing her into
her happy place

coffee too bitter
to an innocent child
still needing time
to taste the world
with sweet melons
tart apples and chewy
now aging in time
to appreciate and slurp
roasted java to her taste
sending aromatic
pleasure to her delicate nose!

a broken heart
or a wounded soul
certainly do taste
like sour grapes
hidden in sorrow
mended with care
tea sweetened by the hand
of a loyalSipping ice tea
with a zest of lemon
Sweetened lightly
with a drop of honey
Softens the tangy
Taste on her tongue

Some things need only
Lips brushed softly
Tasting the sweetness
Of A baby’s bum

Dollops dropped
Of boiling maple syrup
On a bed of snow
Turning nanas
Into a little girl
Laughing, dancing
Drawing her into
Her happy place

Bitterness of coffee
To an innocent child
Still needing time
To taste the world
And then be enticed
By aromas of Sipping ice tea
with a zest of lemon
Sweetened lightly
with a drop of honey
Softens the tangy
Taste on her tongue

Some things need only
Lips brushed softly
Tasting the sweetness
Of A baby’s bum

Dollops dropped
Of boiling maple syrup
On a bed of snow
Turning nanas
Into a little girl
Laughing, dancing
Drawing her into
Her happy place

Bitterness of coffee
To an innocent child
Still needing time
To taste the world
And then be enticed
By aromas of loyal friend
yet late at night
alone in her bed
his taste still lingers
on wanting lips.

sweet smelling rose
 silken petals
softens the heart


Written for Tale Weaver at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie on Taste

thanking her (senryu) Daily Moments March 8 2017

Tossing and turning her thoughts kept her up.  She finally gave in and started writing her thoughts.  Today was International Women’s Day and although she often jokes that it is the world getting prepared to wish her Happy Birthday the following day, it means a lot to her.  She thought of her mother, her grandmother, her teachers and amazing women who taught her so much.  And started writing this…

SHE taught me so much and more…

SHE taught me so much!
she taught me that crying for help
someone would be there always
she taught me touching and hugging
makes it [almost] all go away

she taught me a smile
will get me so much more
and a polite thank you too

she taught me fashion
from head to toe, and that
beauty at any age
must never be rationed

she taught me to read and write
and with so much patience
to read the words ever slowly
that told so many stories

she encouraged me to tell
the stories of those who could not speak
to trust in my pen
and write forgotten tales

she taught me to laugh out loud
flaunt my senseless essence
but also to know when to be quiet
when conflict was present

she taught me to believe
in myself and that would take me far
she taught me love can be beautiful
if only I loved myself more by far

she taught me the gift of giving
and how it returned with so much more
she taught me that killing one with kindness
was better than fighting any day

she taught me to see those who suffer
but not with my eyes
to hear with my heart
and care with my soul

she taught me to be strong
because women
have always carried burdens
for eons of time

she taught me the shadow
at times is a safer place to lead
to model what most speak
is learned so much more

she taught me never to give up
to learn each and every day
was like prevention
chasing the demons away

she taught me chubby or skinny
are women’s distinct beauty
in all different shapes

she taught me to pray
and believe
and never lose hope
if ever I went astray
the Great Spirit was there

she taught me diligence
and hard work
the fuel in meeting my goals
that the journey takes paths
different for each and everyone

she taught me the darkness
was a sign to stop and rest
to lick my old wounds
and heal in good time
the sun would appear
when my scars would form

each and every one
who have touched me
along the way have taught me!
that I am woman, and yes,
I am different than man
and so very much more
and proud to be woman!

not a day goes by
looking up at the sky – without
thanking her


Daily Moments March 8  2017 – Thanking her


night performance (troiku – free verse)

We re inspired by a poem by Persian poet, Hafez

This poem is titled “all the hemispheres”:

Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadows and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.
Make a new watermark on your excitement
And love.

Like a blooming night flower,
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

city sounds scream;
woman at the Métro door
chants the same dream
silent donations
the homeless and the poor
commuters pass by
robotic and bored
not even a glance
drifters and panhandlers
rarely have a chance.

days are all the same
chaotic silent hum
monotonous blends

Aw but the night changes everything! How she longs for sunsets and beyond, watching the sky change. Renoir and Degas learned from the great Master…


watercolour skies
Aditi’s brushstrokes
Vishnu’s masterpiece

watercolour skies
midnight blues
iridescent stars

Aditi’s brushstroke
gently tracing
the milky way

Vishnu’s masterpiece
twilight sonatas
wind in her hair


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – nightflower

a friend forever…(free verse- haiku)


As you wear your Eternity scarf, think of me…

Friends come into our lives for a reason,
some friendships last but a season
you know, that passage in one’s life
when we can share a similar strife?

some friendships last for a lifetime
like those spangled stars that shine
never ever required to question
always knowing that compassion
between two loyal soulmates
can never ever be broken
because the seeds were sown
possibly many lives ago

our challenges and suffering
our passion for our families
our undying love for offspring
but most of all our special bond
enduring and transparent
will always always stand
every test of time
now and forever…
© Cheryl-Lynn ’17/01/25

sown with care
on fertile ground

on fertile ground
fostered to fulfilment
budding promise

budding promise
stretching every petal
coming into flower

coming into flower
it’s time to migrate
enrich new ground


on fertile ground/at Jeunesse Jécoute/you blossomed/ it’s now time to multiply / all the beauty of your heart

Ce n’est pas un au revoir, à plus…mon amie

Change in progress ~ Hopeful aftermaths

Change in Progress (Free Verse)
baking for change
stir a secret recipe
adding fixings that range
from rising
to explosive
from upsetting
to chaotic
to schisms
to backbiting
rising to a degree
never really ever
ready for the decree
searching for results
win wins
or win lose
only wounds that need healing
delusions no longer standing
all on bended knees
asking what have we done?
no time to point fingers
mae culpa mae culpa
responsibility lingers
to one and all
not all but one
to one and all

Hopeful aftermath (Tanka – Senryu)

blending ideas
sentiments and politics
paths of polarity
travelling side by side

travelling side by side
empathy and understanding
meet at the middle

© Tournesol’17/01/06

awakens (haiku)

Skilful tease
stirs her ardent needs
butterfly kiss

budding heart,
responds to silken strokes
with heavy sighs

such reveries
throughout the night – and,
quickened gasps

painting rosy cheeks
awakens in shortened breaths
ah, such momentary bliss!

© Tournesol ’15 (originally written April 2015)

wakens to the touch,
 runs a finger on the curve
of her lips

© Tournesol ’16/04/27

Haiku Horizons “run”

Midsummer celebration (Solo Renga)

© Clr `14 (photo taken June 22/14 Mom's BD)
© Clr `14 (photo taken June 22/14 Mom’s BD)

Happy Birthday Mother
Midsummer celebration
Through sodden tears
And quiet lamentation
the longest day of the year
  miss you, Mother dear.

© Clr '14 June
© Clr ’14 June

nebulous skies
Solstice cuckolded
mourning long life

daylight masked,  ever weary
shadows midsummer`s eve

longest day
exhales last slow breath
cicada cries

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem TimeGlass