reflections ~ a cherita

A kilo or two of oversights 

Ten thousand grams of mortar 
Ten thousand grams of sand 
hundreds of buckets of dirty water 
Cleansing unforgiving sins 
Absolution weighed in stone 

People gathered with shredded tissues 
lip-syncing foreign prayers 
Mea culpa misunderstood 
A generation passed 
another cycle of life 

(c) Cheryl-Lynn '19/04/27
daily reflections April 27 2019

Daily reflections April 27 2019 a brick of guilt A Cherita

Missing two years of her life feels like an eternity 

Losing those first kisses and breaking curfew
Butterflies and broken hearts 
Can never recapture those years 
Guilt multiplied by a ten 
Remorse will weigh her to her grave 
Feeling her rage bubbling under-skin

Passive aggressive innuendos 
Violence escalates in overindulgence 
Never a confrontation 
Too scared to fess up and break in pieces 
Still ignoring that fucking elephant 

(c) Cheryl-Lynn  27/04/19

Solitary fuel A Cherita Daily Moments August 12 2018

Street Art, de Gaspé, Montréal, Qc. – Cheryl-Lynn

A Cherita

solitude is so misunderstood

many equate it to depression and loneliness
even if the person embraces her aloneness

so many people try to understand equating it sometimes to depression
but having not worn the same shoes
how can anyone really know?


solitude is synonymous to emptiness, so why does it feed me?

solitude gives me energy
weathering another day

all consuming
yet nurturing
life simply goes on

(c) Cheryl-Lynn Roberts

August 12, 1018

Dear Emma, and a Cherita

Dear Emma,

When I was a child, I remember picking up my bellbottom pants at the dressmaker one time. In the early 60’s I could not find any kind of long pants or jeans that were long enough and slim enough. In those days, Marilyn Monroe was the fashionable shape. Although Twiggy was slowly becoming a trend, in my part of the world, it was still more common for women to be shorter and curvier. Alas, I was pretty much a straight line more like Olive Oil at between twelve and fourteen.

Another client was just leaving the dressmaker as I was entering and she asked me how my mother and grandmother were doing. Of course, I shared the latest updates on my newly divorced mother and lifesaver grandmother who had taken us in not realizing I may have been a bit too open. Being naïve, then, was just assuming that people always inquired about you because they cared.

I remember trying on the charcoal grey bellbottoms and was so excited they fit like a glove and were long enough to wear with a boot or higher healed show. That was the beauty of tailor made clothes. Fortunately, her fees were very reasonable and in fact, less expensive than going to a designer shop to purchase clothes.

As I was leaving, the dressmaker looked at me seriously and said, “You must be careful. You are such an open book and you never know the true intentions of people when inquiring about you and your family.” I could tell she was concerned for me and I always tried to remember her wise words, but still, it is still difficult for me to think anyone would want to hurt me intentionally. And so years went by and I learned the hard way. I find learning through life experience teaches more, don’t you? What have you learned better through experience rather than through teachings of another person?

( a cherita)

a child runs freely through the woods

Stumbling on hidden roots and branches
Scraping arms and knees along the way

Fastforward several decades
Walking through the woods, listening to the birds singing
Leaves rustling, she leans on her walking stick

© Cheryl-Lynn ‘18/09/06

Daily Moments with Emma – August 9th, 2018

who’s sorry now? (Troiku + Cherita) Daily Moments

She arrived at work over two hours earlier than usual since she had appointments in the morning. Taking her time to settle at her workstation, she fires up her computer and decides to listen to some music on Youtube. This week is the Montreal International Jazz Festival and what better occasion to listen to jazz.
They were entering their first heatwave, so she started by listening to Summertime by Ella the Queen of Jazz and Soul along with other versions getting her acquainted to more singers and musicians. She vacillated from older masters of Jazz to today’s artists allowing the music to of another time carry her…

For the past few years, I am so mesmerized by this singer.

swept away
Coltrane whines mournfully
recalling another time

swept away
Unforgettable lines
crooned by Cole

Coltrane whines mournfully
piercing deep
into her soul

recalling another time
replaying over and over
Who’s Sorry Now



Daily Moments – Jazzy afternoon (troiku)


Who’s Sorry Now (A Cherita)

music brings her back seeing her heartbroken mother for months

coming home after school
remembering on the darkness with shades pulled down

hearing the sobbing voice
Connie Frances moans over and over and over
that unrelenting turntable


©Tournesol ’18/06/29

Daily reflections – heartfelt prayers to Sante Fe

a drill with ringing bells

children stand in line and face their teachers
popping sounds alarm them all

running for their lives
confused and filled with fear
the tragedy inside the school


with sorrow and broken heart we weep

yet salty tears shall comfort slight
too many wounds and losses

youths and adults lament
parents and children fear their future
and unforeseen asylums

©Cheryl-Lynn Roberts –