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girl on a swing (haibun)

Emily eats her  cookie on the swing  in back of the cottage surrounded by rose bushes, plum trees, a cherry tree and several milkweeds. She loves how the grass is tall  and she can crawl on her tummy and pretend she’s in the jungle. The grasshoppers often play dead on a blade of grass and she can outstare any bug and make it jump away.

The blossoms sure looked pretty, she thought as she passed a fallen petal gently on her cheek; it felt like Mommy’s silk scarf.

child seeks a challenge
caterpillar stares her way
on the milkweed

(c) Tournesol’16-05-06

Written for The Carrot Ranch in 99 words, no more, no less.

lost in thought (haibun)

She frowns at her sunlit streaked window from a long winter’s grime.   Stepping outside she feels the sun’s glow but, still too cool to make the windows squeal like giddy children.

In the meantime, she has plenty of work to do inside.  She grabs a broom and eyes the corners of the ceiling in each room.  The thought of uninvited guests make her want to scratch.

The front entrance is the next move.  She unlocks the door and peaks to see if a neighbour is in the hallway before she steps out in her tattered old hoodie and black leggings.

lost in thought
broom raised automically
a dead fly falls
woven threads rip apart
spider – nowhere to be found


© Tournesol ‘16/03/22


The Secret Keeper 5 word prompt: web, lost, black, scratch, lock


(120 words)

She hated goodbyes (Flash Fiction – haibun)

Submitted for: Flash Fiction Prompt – July 18, 2014-GoodBye

Revised March 18, 2016 to 99 words, no more, no less as inspired by

Charli Mills at The Carrot Ranch

© clr 2014
© clr 2014



She entered the coffee shop across from Concordia University. They met here the first time five years ago. Some lectures pushed her buttons. Many fled to Psychology hoping “book smart” would make better therapists, muttering, “Enough of this learning by doing crap!”
“Work out your own shit”, most of her professors said, “Be aware of your red flags! You could do more harm than good.” The same group of mature students met here after each class. Together they formed a community of resources, compassion and knowledge.

she dreaded endings,
late arrival was more her style
…just couldn’t say goodbye.

© Cheryl-Lynn (Tournesol) 2016/03/18

99 words