The guest that never leaves Haibun Daily Moments April 6 2019

That relentless guest that entered decades ago,  knows not when to leave or when it is time to sleep. Lately it has risen with such vigour as it gnaws its way in private rooms where it does not belong. Kneading ever slowly, it spreads its venom throughout its host.  No drug can lessen the power of its fists as it insists on making its presence known. 
jabbing in her sleep
kneading ‘til she gasps in pain
wakefulness befriends
ice packs try to soothe
inflamed neck and shoulders 
healing’s no recourse
ice to heat to ice
embracing fleeting moments
chasing small comforts
© Tournesol ‘19-04-06 

7 thoughts on “The guest that never leaves Haibun Daily Moments April 6 2019”

      1. Most of my friends my age have retired. I was not ready to stop at 67, Hoping to work like this until I’m 70, then maybe teach English as I just finished my teaching cert for that:) Gotta stay busy…the mind especially.


      2. Oh wow yes I love this so much! My mom is 79 and said that she’s not stopping either. She still works at the church as a counselor and has full days. Sometimes I can’t catch up with her till she is resting in her chair in the evening. I plan to keep going forever too. I love your energy and inspiration. We keep reinventing ourselves don’t we?


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