Road trips (troiku – daily moments Jan 5, 2019)

(c) OliGagnon 2003
Remembering long ago short family road trips. They had little to say after so many years. The hum of the motor slowly put the children in the back seat to sleep and she was left with her thoughts. She would make up movies in her head where she was another person, vibrant and confidant.

family drives 
country roads 
from her  window 
family drives
muted journeys
movies in her head 
country roads 
fields of wild flowers 
endless possibilities 
© Tournesol ‘19/01/05 
Daily Moments January 5 2019  Road Trips 

2 thoughts on “Road trips (troiku – daily moments Jan 5, 2019)”

  1. What a coincidence. I just posted a haibun about road trips then I see you have done the same. I like your memories. Road trips in the back seat of the car as a child were fun. You capture the feeling well.


  2. The old 1940 something Chevy Fleetline coupe with fast back was driven to Yellowstone National Park in 1950. I shared the bench seats with my parents, my two older sisters and my Aunt Opal. Daddy had to use a garage to repair something but then, he always carried tools in the trunk of the car. That same blue coupe with tiny rust spots (hence my name for the car, Freckles) would make another trip in 1952 to California. Daddy had his tools, again, which always made for an interesting trip.


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