who will remove all the weeds? (Troibun)


She sits in her armchair, her feline friend loyally by her side on her comfy bench. A time to think of life past and present not knowing what the future will bring. One lives a life filled with hope as a child, moments of despair as a teen filled with hope and fairy tales, somewhat like a garden. And then becomes an adult and reality settles in…

Adulthood brings puzzlement and how many seeds to plant and how to remove the weeds. Mistakes and suffering only bring more valuable life lessons.

Middle age seeks passion and discernment, finding a bigger terrain that will house the most thriving and nourishing garden. If one is fortunate, they will be rewarded with their dream garden filling all their needs especially that of compassion in helping new seedlings to flourish into beautiful flora despite broken stems or torn leaves.

Such a rich terrain makes room for a harvest filled with her first love since she was a child, to continue nurturing and healing the wounded and broken petals. Discovering such grounds has become her reward and blessing… the end of that road leading to her own fairy tale.

Another phase in the life cycle…one no longer calls the 60’s old age because women and men are usually more active and needed in appreciated in society especially for their hard-earned wisdom. They work well into their 80’s and so she is pleased to continue, still breathing the passion for such toils.

Time passes and she struggles to find the time and energy to tend to young seedlings and perennials overcome with intruders. Such nuisances we call weeds are the consequences of new tillage governed by those who do not understand the true meaning of tending to the heart of a garden, taking time to weed out the bad with care, gently and not intrusive.

Alas, this seasoned gardener is overcome with such changes and unhealthy rules; she strives to tend as best she can…loving every seedling and plant in her tillage that has become her life’s passion. She continues to feel a weight of conflicting rules, she also feels defeated at times and knows not how long her garden will continue to flourish. For now, she perseveres and follows her heart despite the bloody weeds and interference, but for how long before the flowers are overwhelmed by weeds?

tilling the soil
overcome with weeds
twilight enters

tilling the soil
remembering better times
room to grow

overcome with weeds
on her knees praying
for a miracle

twilight enters
clouds hiding harvest moon
seedlings cry in wait

© Tournesol’18/09/20

Daily Moments – Who will remove all the weeds? – Troibun Sept 20/18

9 thoughts on “who will remove all the weeds? (Troibun)”

  1. Such a heartfelt cry. I feel your intense emotional involvement for the young people in your care and respect the work you do. Maybe, just maybe, though some of these burdens you have taken on are no longer yours to carry. Maybe, just maybe it might be time to tend your own garden and make sure your own being is strong enough to continue on through the years – working until you are 80 is an admirable goal but maybe, just maybe the form that work takes may change. Here’s some radical thoughts I have been meditating on recently – We are not here to suffer. We are not here to bleed for others. We are here to share our joy and love of life with others. – Just some thoughts – take any that resonate with you and discard the rest – love Suzanne


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Suzanne! In November I am following a course to be certified to teach English as a foreign language. I am also,working 3 days a week. my dream is to travel and teach English which helps to,pay for travelling. So I am slowly preparing.

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