trying to ignore despicable people ( haibun) daily moments Aug 17/18


Today, I was disappointed to see some tasteless articles and video clips on Aretha’s past. And I’m not talking about singing. I was upset that some people ( not only the media) like to find sad or bad things that happened in her life. So I looked for a biography of her, I had seen her talk about with Oprah and another reporter. She was asked about David Ritz’s autobiography he wrote later and she adamantly said they were all lies. Whether that is true or not is not my place to judge but to respect Aretha….period.

As I was reading the reviews it really pissed me off how some people were expecting Aretha to spill out very private things as if a celebrity owes this to her fans. Well they don’t! I feel this is illogical…NO! it is despicable!

Why not heed her mantra R E S P E C T?

I purchased Aretha’s book, Aretha from these Roots then spent the rest of the day finishing a series of poems for her and watched videos of her until dinner.

It was fitting that it rained today…

Angels cried
World’s loss of their queen
from heaven

© Tournesol’18/08/17.

Daily moments – trying to ignore despicable minds ( haibun)

Written for Linda Hill’s Friday Reminder for Stream of Consciousness Saturday

9 thoughts on “trying to ignore despicable people ( haibun) daily moments Aug 17/18”

  1. I believe there are some people out there who can only feel better about themselves if they can find fault in others. It must be awful to be so desperate. I can imagine them searching for things that they can say, “I may be bad, but at least I didn’t do THAT.”


    1. I know!! I was thinking of about how she was a victim and it irked me because even if it were true, the public is still oppressing the victim in that case. It is her story to share if she wants. It really bothered me.I just purchased some of her first songs from the late 50’s and early 60’s. I can’t get over how she was not only a stellar singer but her lyrics are so moving.

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