Daily Moments  August 12 2019  Melancholy soulmate  Troibun


The sun poked through the drapes of her bedroom but she refused to accept daylight, turning over and allowing the darkness of her duvet to shield her from the living.

She had started a paranormal romance the day before and her dreams were mixed with romance and family stories. It was very confusing as her life intermingled with the novel and frankly, kept her quite busy all night. The darkness is what clung to her mostly and comforted her at the same time.

Finally, she got up and fed her hungry feline friend, made a pot of coffee and sat down to finish the novel. It was a nice escape from her life and her melancholy, her soulmate for many years.

When the sun slipped below the horizon, she shivered slightly and just stared out the window… numb. The silence seemed to sooth her.

(A Troiku)

wrapped in darkness
tending to her solitude
soft grey grimness

wrapped in darkness
seeing light

tending to her solitude
enveloped in safety

soft grey grimness
like a dear old friend
comforting her

(c) Tournesol ’18/09/12

Daily Moments  August 12 2019  Melancholy soulmate  Troibun


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