invisible people (haibun) Daily Moments July 31/18

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It was a perfect day. The sky was blue, the sun was warm and there was a lovely breeze. It was perfect if you were not walking too fast, of course, since at 30C one must walk casually not strutting and certainly not in a run.

She left for the city at 7 :30 am to pass some tests at the hospital which took 3 hours and then walked slowly to the closest mall near her next doctor’s appointment, The Alexis Nixon Plaza. Walking around from store to store was just to pass the time and NOT fall asleep sitting anywhere. She had about 3 hours sleep last night, since she is so unaccustomed to getting up early in the morning.

Her first doctor’s appointment was only about 30 mins wait and she chatted with the woman next to her. Her doctor noticed she chats with everyone and she told her, ‘’Well, that’s what we do in small towns!’’ Again the woman sitting next to her was from Chile just like the woman who sat next to her two weeks ago!! She has been meeting people from Chile …her son’s bride is from Chile too.

Her doctor adjusted her medications and the secretary told her to go for a walk and relax and come back in an hour or so since the next appointment was not for another 2 hours. She hesitated at first, not wanting to face the hot humid air but decided she had p,entry of time to walk very slowly and be back I. time.

She sat at the coffee shop facing her old university. How she had spent hours here before classes and especially after classes years ago! She listened to a young man play the piano outside…he seemed to be improvising and he was really into it! It is nice that the city has these pianos placed all over the city near subway stations.

Her eyes were getting heavy and she wished she could just lie down for a few minutes. After her doctor’s appointment she was meeting her friend for dinner. She had not seen her in months and they were well overdue for this get together. Just thinking about it was waking her up now….time to walk back slowly to the Doctor’s office.

Watching commuters
Office workers, summer students
Regulars too

Regulars too
Fill the day people watching
Calling out, « Spare change? »

Calling out, « Spare change? »
Meet-ups and group hugs
A homeless man naps

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Daily Moments July 31st 2018 –

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