A birthday Cherita…


Today we honour my mother,

birth of a special angel
now she flies above the clouds

always near
to those that hear
echoes of her laugh


When I visit her house, it takes me back so long ago

playing back different stories
some are sad, some are joyous

sitting by the river bank
see the water lapping
ripples of her laugh


our very first encounter in the bedroom by the riverside

born one wintry night
in a hurry for her arms

lapping up all the love
my mother and her mother and her father too
my father and my sister


rocking on my shaky heels

waiting for the sun to rise
glistening on the water

memories with my sister
sleeping by the river
sun awakening our dreams







4 thoughts on “A birthday Cherita…”

    1. We’re doing as well as it can be. I never know what her reception of me will be so I expect the unexpected and try reeeal hard not to take anything personal. My cousin has gotten closer lately who loves my sis and I both and is a good buffer. Your reunion sounds lovely!! 💕


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