Dear Emma, White Rock, B.C.(troibun) i i

Dear Emma, May 29th White Rock, B.C.

Walking along the beach, I checked the time and realized there was over 3 hours before sunset. So, I stopped at a café, a friend suggested, Whitby’s Café. They have coffee, pastries and gelato. It seems there are at least a dozen ice cream parlours on Marine Drive. I sat with my coffee and relaxed entranced by the ocean view across the street.

It has such a friendly and “small town” affect here. I rested for almost 30 minutes, sipping my coffee and then I walked a bit more west. I found a place to sit and lean my back on the cement. I watched people arriving after their day job, to catch a few hours on the water, kayaking, fishing or just sitting on the beach and chilling and watch the sun set.

I sat there for awhile and let the sea take me in. I was in a quieter area with less people traffic, so it was easy to just drift off and be in the moment. Later, I started walking back East, hoping to find a quiet place for dinner. I had walked up an appetite for sure! It was a long day, walking over 2 km just in the airports! I did a total of 11 km for my first day!

Most of the places I passed were buzzing with patrons and many couples…I needed to be in a calmer place and then I noticed one place that seemed more inviting. The terrace was almost in front of the pier and one patron smiled at me and said, “Come on in, you won’t regret it.” And so I did and when the waiter came out, I recognized her and realized this is the exact place I came to last year on my first night in White Rock. What a coincidence!

I had mussels in a coconut and curry bouillon with cilantro and a local fruity beer from Delta. I happened to have that same beer last year too. A family passed by and right in front of the entrance one of the toddlers set herself on the sidewalk having a tantrum. I felt bad for the mom who was trying to not make a scene. The couple across from me, said, “Well, we’ve all seen that before.” And we got to chatting. They were from Clearwater, BC near Kamloops. They seemed so nice and it looked like they were out on a spontaneous couples’ getaway. I asked them if they wanted me to take a photo of them. Their phones had died, so I used my phone and gave it to the woman to forward to herself. They were so sweet and I learned more about the beauty of their neck of the woods. Maybe next year, I might consider flying to Vancouver and renting a car to drive up north for four to five hours. Apparently the view is worth the road trip.

Walking home, I felt bad that the sunset had been hidden by the clouds but the sky was turning magenta all around me. I took a few more pics and I still could not get over all the gelato places on the way home. I finally gave in on the last place and got a chocolate pistachio gelato. It was pure bliss!

Twilight serenade
Rolling waves kiss the shore
My feet tingle

Twilight serenade
Seagulls gliding
Singing off-key

Rolling waves kiss the shore
to the setting sun

My feet tingle
Waves rolling back
Into my childhood

(C) Tournesol ‘18/05/31

This was written May 29th but I did not get around to post it.

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