Dear Emma, May 21/18 ( haibun)

(c) clr’18

Dear Emma,

I finally got off my fanny and went out to do a few errands today. After three days of resting, icing several parts of my body, it was time to move or else it will be worse for me. I found 5 fun exercises to strengthen my calves, knees and thighs. I did a few today but have to check that video since I don’t know them by heart yet.

I walked to my pharmacie first but when I approached and noticed not ONE car in the parking lot, I realized that it is a holiday today. But of course [she slips her forehead with her hand] it is la Fete des Patriotes or for outside of Quebec it is May 24 or Victoria weekend. Regardless on what you want to call it, it is the first long weekend where many people drive out to cottage country. Some go camping and I remember in Toronto there were amazing fireworks but there are none here in Quebec. Since Quebec changed the name of the holiday to Patriots Day, you would think they could celebrate that at least…but what do I know.

I decided to walk over to Super C which is a much cheaper grocery store than Metro and picked up more than a few things since they are finally getting a good selection of organic food as well as gluten free products as about 30% cheaper than Metro. So I will walk that extra 1 km for sure now. I had to stop piling things in my basket figuring. How much would fit in my 2 bags and backpack.

Walking a bit slower back, I stopped in front of Mikes Restaurant thinking they would be closing soon as in the winter they often closed at 8pm due to lack of customers. Well, to my delight it is busy and so here I am typing a little message to Emma, sipping my Belgian Moon and waiting for my seafood poutine! Okay, so it is not too healthy but it IS gluten free [she chuckles to herself].

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my podiatrist for my achy toe and feet, then off downtown Montreal to my first appointment with a new chiropractor. I am told she has a holistic approach and I am praying she can treat me for my knees and perhaps my shoulders and neck too. Anything is better than what my GP is doing …which is nothing.

Gotta go now and finish my savoury dinner. Thanks for listening, Emma

twilight dinner
savouring seafood delights
sipping Belgian Moon

(c) Tournesol’ ‘18/05/21

P S for you newbies who do not know who Emma is, she is my personal journal I have been writing to for the past five years on another blog.

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