planting seeds ( a cherita)

It rained all day and all night, cleaning debris from the ground

Clouds slowly making their way beyond
Sun shyly peaks her golden crown

Mother Earth waits
Her season’s feast
As farmers plant their seeds


(c) Cheryl-Lynn Roberts’18/05/20

Daily reflections –  planting seeds

2 thoughts on “planting seeds ( a cherita)”

    1. How disturbing to hear about the climate changes all over the world…I am still saddened and thought of you when I heard about the shooting in Sante Fe. It seems that perhaps each state needs to take on more control of their people suffering with mental health issues as well as gun control but both need to be addressed. In Canada, each province differs slightly in proving mental health care. We are fighting for more support here and yet, we get so much more than our southern neighbours. It seems like praying is the only option at times….


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