no man’s land. (daily moments May 12/18)

Daily moments no man’s land A cherita and a Senryu

Time and time again soreness sharpens

Once in a while it reaches a peak
Explosion of tears her only recourse

She sits, listening to her body screaming
Confused and lost not knowing where to look
Which joint cries louder?

Still in the night
assaulting her sleep
dissonance of pain

© Tournesol 🌻 ‘18/05/12

2 thoughts on “no man’s land. (daily moments May 12/18)”

    1. Warmly accepted. I’ve lost my rheumatologist and I’m hoping my GP will accelerate things but I’m not very hopeful. Whenever I have a problem she just says to retire. It’s frustrating when doctors who feel help,es with autoimmune diseases, they simply dismiss it. At least a rheumatologist might help more…in the old days they just said it was psychosomatic but at least we know more now. Pain is draining and affect my mood but I’ll be fine…My son is picking me up tomorrow to get flowers to bring to my mom and then off to his place for a BBQ


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