Daily Moments fool s journey Troibun


She tossed and turned throughout the night; her mind was filled with do’s and should’s. A cluttered mind is like a cluttered house. Time to clear out the closets, empty drawers and sort out the junk from the good. How often do we hold something in our hands and ponder for a split second and end up tossing it in a drawer or the bottom of a closet? Often times between season’s change, that same item is found and tossed into the trash. Ah, yes, she finds a cluttered mind is often a sign it is time to do some serious spring cleaning…how therapeutic it can be and at the same time, a clean home is her reward.

cluttered minds
toss and turn all thru the night
spring approaches

cluttered minds
dust bunnies and bread crumbs
hanging on to yore

toss and turn all thru the night
cat chasing its tail
hoot of the night owl

spring approaches
out with the old making room
a renaissance

© Tournesol ‘18/03/17 Daily Moments fool s journey Troibun

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille; I termed the haibun of a Troiku, a troibun.

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