Daily Moments. March 10/18. Goodness always reigns (Haibun)


Everyone needs a place  to unload their burdens, their sorrows and pain. One must find a way to rejuvenate each morsel of compassion and move on to another day.


Her mind is in a haze
Thoughts flutter,
Fly away
To another hemisphere

A land of superlatives
Where grass is greener
Than emerald stones
The sky is bluer
Than her children’s eyes
The earth is heaven
Blossoms opening
At each sunrise

If only
She could write
Find the words
share with the world

So precious is this haven
Delicious are each berry
Trees carry leaves of silk
Dandelions smell so sweet
Who knew
Such places could exist?

Was this a dream?
Aw but no time to pinch
Awakening the chaos
Greyness hiding beauty
She’ll stay awhile
Inhale each fragrance
And cleanse her soul
Her mind be filled with love
Her soul exhales forgiveness
Her heart beats to compassion


From murky waters
Goodness leads the way
A lotus blossoms

(c) Tournesol’18-03-10

Daily Moments. March 10/18. Goodness always reigns (Haibun)

9 Replies to “Daily Moments. March 10/18. Goodness always reigns (Haibun)”

    1. Thanks I kept saying some this to myself about not finding words to share how to come out of s$&y sometimes. then I thought , Heck, Why not write just that 🙂


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