10 thoughts on “blue moon ( tanka)”

  1. Try for March 31, 2018 – Maybe not a super-blood… but a blue moon due then too.
    February doesn’t have any this year as both are in March. March 1 and March 31.

    You can search for super blood blue moon – you might have to sit through some adds first, but there are a few news sites that show the majesty. I didn’t know about the live feeds…
    But I did get to see something.


    1. Aren’t the spots the creators of the Moon?
      I’ve heard of a halo around the moon means a change in the weather. Some say the spots show the face of ‘The Man in the Moon and then there is the other Asian story of The Rabbit in the moon. I can see the rabbit from my view the rabbit is more upside down…


      1. So many tall tales about the weather. Hubby teases me because of the folk tale that if cows are lying down in the field it means rain. If we pass a pasture and only half are lying down he says to me it is just a 50% chance of rain 😉


      2. “Avoid shelter under an isolated tree. Don’t stand in an open field. Crouch down to avoid being the highest object if you can’t find shelter.” I got that from a site about how to protect yourself when lightning is around… So maybe the cows have it right?

        You’d think though that if they could they’d hightail it back to the barn?


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