Compassion rules (troiku)

Cold snap since last year
Adding fresh snow

Cold snap since last year
Keeping the country captive
Prisoners of our homes

Prayers for the bitter
Compassion comes first

Adding fresh show
the cedar hedge

(c) Tournesol’18-01-03

Mindful living (free verse – senryu)

Living in the past
Drudging old wounds
Healed a long time ago
Trying to make pain last

Living in the past
Choices some will make
Bitter and resentful
Controls their every move
Living in the past
Makes them prisoners
Of their own decisions
Trying to make pain last

Living in their past
Avenging all their lives
Masked and sugar coated
Happy with glee
Seeing others suffer
Pretending that they care
We all know where they fare
Always living in the past
Avenging their healed scars
Masking their resentment
In passive-aggressive moves
prisoner of their bitterness
Ignoring their mental health

Living in the past
Drudging old wounds
Healed a long time ago
Trying to make pain last

Hurtful memories
All forgotten starting fresh
Living mindfully

(c) Tournesol’17-01-03

Daily moments Jan 2/18. Angel dust (troiku)

Pearly skies
Angel dust falling softly
On my nose

Pearly skies here
Starlit skies over there
In Kerala

Angel dust falling softly
Teasing mister squirrel
On my balcony

On my nose
Feel the pressures
Winter cold


Daily moments Jan 2/18. Angel dust (troiku)

Resolution (troibun). SoCS


(C) Clr’18


I am not much for resolutions since it makes me feel locked in a wish to change a behaviour and when you feel forced, well, it’s like stubborn toddler in me resurfaces and I want to stomp my feet and say NO!!! I don’t want to, so there! And since I’m an adult, NO ONE can send me to my room, right?

However, as I age I feel my solitude, time to think and meditate and talk to myself for hours, days, weeks…I find myself rereading old wise words from yellowed pages of my books. Buddhist thought making more and more sense that I find myself wanting to try. I read over a list of 7 ways to overcome difficult times and posted it in on last journal of 2017 and it got me thinking.

I have had time to think a lot lately. Since December 22nd, I have worked one day and Christmas I went out for our family dinner…That is about what sums up my time off work. I had planned a trip and booked a train to see family for New Year’s in Toronto but my health was so so and did not feel it was right to visit people nursing a cold that would probably get much worse if I did not just rest in my own bed under very warm duvet cover in this crazy cold weather we are having in Quebec at -25 C most days. So I have had a lot of time to think. I have not been writing as much lately either. I seem to think too much and my thoughts get stuck in a dark whirlwind of negativity that it depresses me. My muse is not strong enough to weather that, so I escape by binging on Netflix. I try to read but it takes so much energy to concentrate on any book even if it is great!! This week, thankfully, I started reading The House Without Windows by Nadia Hashimi and finally, I am captivated. It has been months that I have been captivated like that and it feels so good. Granted the book is not a happy story but it is real, intense and about women and in this particular story it takes place in Afghanistan. I fell in l love with stories of Afghanistan and what it was like before wars and takeovers with a novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I read his Kite Runner after but that first novel just made want to know more.

I wrote my first poem (troiku) of the year today as well. And writing this feels hopeful that perhaps the storm in my mind is dying down or simmering at least and not taking over of my every thought which influences my actions. I feel hopeful.

Now, the resolution I had been thinking of for the past three days is to take each day as if it is the first day of the new year. You know how some people like to take the first day of the year as happy and positive? Well, I want to be mindful of today…each moment and tomorrow is not here but I hope to wake up and just feel that moment when I open my eyes, I stretch and get up. That moment I pet my cat and give her her food. I want to be more mindful each new day this year. Just like the moments I walk to work and chanting my mantra, noticing the tree branches move slightly and I imagine they are praying too! I want to be mindful like those moments as many minutes in the day and hold my love and compassion in my heart and with each movement. Happy New Year everyone!

For the first time
Looking out the frozen window
A new year

For the first time
Seeing sunlight
My eyes still shut

Looking out the frozen window
Cold snap goes on and on
Since last year

A new year
Looks like yesterday
Different attitude


Written for Linda’s Friday Reminder of Stream of Consciousness Saturday.