Justice (haibun)

The movie was tense and people were holding their breaths in time with the music making their hearts skip a few beats now and then…all except for Tania. She would stare at the screen showing a horror film at her old town’s movie theatre. It was supposed to be a reunion of her best forever friends and classmates of 1957 and yet…Her mind could not escape the scene from her motel last night.

She kept playing it over and over in her head. She could still hear the woman chanting the same rhyme in the room next to hers.

you will pay for your sin
robbing me of my childhood
time to see who’s turn to win
 and rob you of your manhood

Tania dialed 911 and the police arrived just in time preventing a sordid and painful deed. The man had left in handcuffs and not the girl. He had been listed as one of the most wanted in ten states for sexual assault of a minor for the past four decades.
Tania whispered her favourite chant:

justice will prevail
waste not your life avenging
karma always wins

©Tournesol ’18/01/16

Written for the Secret Keeper Challenge: Write a poem or flash ficiton incluidng these 5 words:  | LIST | OVER| STARE | FILM | RHYME |

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