frigid day (daily moments Nov 10/17)


Sun pales the sky
as I breathe the cool brisk air
puffs of smoke

autumn winds
leaves blowing on the road
the old man’s hat

(c) Tournesol ‘17-11-10

Daily moments – frigid day nov 19 /17  MicroPoetry Month #10

This morning I could only reflect “freely” on this and so these haiku are my writing freely. It finally went minus 5 C and snow covered the lives on the side of the streets.  I had to take the plunge and wear my winter coat and warm scarf. brrrrrrrrr

9 thoughts on “frigid day (daily moments Nov 10/17)”

  1. That sets the scene perfectly.. wind tossing the hat and those puffs of smoke! -5 C!! I wouldn’t be persuaded to leave my bed!! Thanks for sharing Cheryl Lynn!!!!


    1. Indeed November can bring winter for a few weeks and then we’re confused by Christmas time. With global warming it has changed so much. In the past winter here has always been mid-November until mid April…not anymore.


    1. Yes, I imagine your weather is very similar…living near an island too. I find it colder on the island of Montreal than my place just south of the bridge. Gotta get my warmer mitts and scarves out of the basement this weekend.


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