never fortten (troibun) daily moments November 8 2017

November quest
kiku blossoms whispering
forget me not

In the cool autumn nights of November they stir in their beds. Not a sound is heard as they wiggle their way out breathing in one long inhalation of new life. Adorning their beds are yellow chrysanthemums slowly decaying from the cold winds. Yet, as they breathe upon them, life is restored and their stems straighten at attention and their blossoms billow.

roaming in the night
over fields of poppies
visiting loved ones

roaming in the night
the old night owl

over fields of poppies
coming back
to be remembered

visiting loved ones
ever so gently
in their dreams


*Kiku= Chrysanthemum in Japanese

Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

Daily moments – never forgotten – November 8 2017

MicroPoetry Month – November 8  2017

7 thoughts on “never fortten (troibun) daily moments November 8 2017”

  1. Troibun is a fabulous form and this one is so pleasant especially with that startled owl and the flowers pushing out. Thanks for sharing Cheryl Lynn and now I think we have a brand new form to experiment with!!


    1. Thanks so much! The troiku has become my favourite for a while and haibun is a fav too, so I termed it troibun. Chevrefeuille would be proud to have more poets try out his new form, I have no doubt.

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