hopeless in DC (troibun) Daily Moments Sept 29 ~17

©Orion35 at Deviant Art

I am just thinking out loud here.  I try not to delve to much into political rants but this has been bugging me for quite some time…

You know that wonderful tool “remote access”  where someone takes possession of your computer?  You know what I mean, right?  It is like a person with IT capabilities, shrink themselves smaller than Tom Thumb and makes corrections on your computer.    It is weird seeing that mouse point in all sorts of directions, letters showing up on your screen and you have not even touched the darn keyboard!! Right?

Now I wonder if this tool, “remote access” could be programmed with that leader south of here who seems to trump up on those 140 characters he tweets every day. Honestly, there should be an anti-trump-up (you know like an anti-virus) configured on every electronics he touches that can neutralize any stupid, discriminatory and dangerous to the nation and the world comment.  That might save the nation from some of his blunders.  As for his speeches, well that seems hopeless.

growling like a rabid dog
in Washington

waiting for the calm
caught in his tirades

growling like a rabid dog
people running for shelter
danger’s in the air

in Washington
living in a bad dream, like


8 thoughts on “hopeless in DC (troibun) Daily Moments Sept 29 ~17”

  1. A lot of “potty mouths” all over the internet…another reason for me NOT to join Twitter 🙂 BUT we DO expect some self-restraint and national respect from our leaders!!!

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  2. We have tv but not cable. Most of my tv is Netflix and evening programming on major networks and PBS. Hubby needs St. Louis Cardinal baseball and TCU and some professional football.

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    1. There is too much interference here to see anything on tv without a special antennae or cable. Maybe when I move I will be able to have an antennae that will work. I would like the BBC andCBC news but i use the internet in the meantime.


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