Daily moments August 22/17 catching dreams (haibun)

Bits and pieces of the dream comes to mind. Two men and a woman open act one and towards the last act, after many exchanges and events, two women and one man bow for their performance.

A very illogical dream comprising of penises and vaginas…yes, I kid you not!! Absurd as it may seem. I kept coming in and out of sleep but would get back into the action of things each time.  There was talk about operations, if I remember some dialogues in the dream. At the end I was shocked to see that there were now 2 women and one man.  “Aww,” I thought to myself, “I guess that was the talk about penises…one was removed and a vagina put in place.”  What a weird dream!

moving pictures
in the shrine of her mind
roll in endless loops
bizarre performances
all night long

(c) Tournesol’17-08-22

Daily Moments – catching dreams (haibun)

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