between seasons – Troibun (August retreat ’17 – departure 26)

I don’t think I appreciated August as much as I have for the past few decades. Summer was a time to play, unwind and of course be out of school. Once August came around the corner, winds picked up, thunder storms increased and the temperatures became a bit cooler especially the nights.   I remember as a child and teenager, thinking that school would be starting soon and that brought me down. I enjoyed school but not getting up early in the morning. I think I have always been a night owl.

Even as a mother, I did not like August because I knew there would be less free time to just chill with the kids…that I would not have to be more disciplined and organized, making sure the children got off to school before I went to work. All the stores had sales on school supplies and schools were sending in their required list for the new year. Spending time in stores to get new clothes as well and not knowing if the children will want to wear them by October if it is not trendy enough for their peers.

Once the children were out of school and working, August changed…it was as if summer was lasting a lot longer…I could enjoy the summer until September 22nd!! And then looking forward to the burst of autumn colours! What is depressing about that?! No, I really seem to have missed on appreciating this time of year but no more.


midsummer blues
August bursts with such wonder
embrace the present!

midsummer blues
thinking of tomorrow
visions of decay

August bursts with such wonder
flowers at their peak
still so much to see

embrace the present!
worrying about tomorrow
robs you of today

(c) Tournesol’17

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at CDHK

Written for August Retreat 2017 “Departure” at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

9 thoughts on “between seasons – Troibun (August retreat ’17 – departure 26)”

  1. A nice story and I can relate to what you describe, because I had the same idea when I was younger. Now my children are adults and live their own life … nothing more to worry about only to enjoy summer and the flow into autumn. I already am looking forward to that slim line between the end of summer and the starting of autumn.


  2. You are so back on form, Cheryl! I thoroughly enjoyed your haibun with troiku, which took me back to my youth and made me think about the present.


    1. Thanks, Kim. It’s nice to be back. Not sure how long it will last. Still work to be done on my mom’s house before we sell it. Cross your fingers that we sell it before the cold winter here.

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