a lover’s muse (senryu + free verse)


Gazing from afar
in soft whispers – a favourite
love story unfolds


“you are the blue
of skies
that make me dream
of your eyes

you are the pink
of blush
warming my cheeks
when I think
of you

you are the green
of meadows
us – melting into one
a perfect lovers’ scene

you are the wind
off the sea
breathing life into my lungs
you are the red
of blood
running to my heart
you are light
of my life
illuminating total bliss

you are the fire within
that makes me wince with joy
so pure and enduring
left longing for more

you are a vision
just a dream
yet still fills
my whole being
for just a moment
this rumination
still surviving
will always be
forever thriving

as I close my eyes
I lay in wait at night
our secret rendezvous
I long for you, my knight
and as I drift away
I see you clear as day

you are the blue of skies
that lost horizon found
held together… bound,
until the sun doth rise.”


Daily moments of sweet reflections – a lover’s muse July 13, 2017


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