nature in progress (troibun) Daily Moments June 14, 2017

Humans are such creatures of habit.  Well, at least in this part of the country.  Weather is the most talked about topic…”It is too cold; it is too humid; Ow, my aching joints!.”  As soon as November wraps us with a veil of dark bareness before the snow, we say, I hate winter that is coming. Depression has already set in for more of our Northern Canadians since October.  The days are shorter and darkness haunts us.  Soon people start chanting, “I can’t wait until it snows. At least it will be brighter.”  And before December arrives, we often see snow.  Everyone is more or less pleased especially the children and winter enthusiasts.


She has prepared her wardrobe accordingly so the long cold months will, at least, be filled with change and style.  Four or five winter coats of different levels of warmth.  A few extra pairs of boots add to the list and of course, cleats…a few extra pairs and always one pair in her backpack if the sidewalks are treacherous when she finishes her late night shift.


Then snow overstays its welcome in January and then February and March storms.  Spring is around the corner, they say, but we all know that spring arrives when nature decides.  That can be the end of March, mid-april or early May for those more North and East of here.  All those months waiting for warmer temperatures.


Well, it has been quite warm this past week. On the weekend and yesterday temperatures went up to 32C with high humidity.  Oh, she should know. She finally installed her A/C and has emptied 4 litres of water 4 times in 12 hours!  Yes, indeed, the humidity is set in the house, the furniture, the clothes.  People who struggle with allergies as she does, find it difficult to breathe and headaches and migraines attack the most vulnerable.


It is June 13th and still not quite summer yet another two months of higher temperatures and humidity.  Now one would wonder why we complain about two to three months of warmer temperatures when many have whined and wished for warm weather for the past six months! But we hum and ho and whine and talk about the weather, “I was up most of the night because of the heat. I arrived at work drenched due to the heat. The bus is so hot and stinky…and even worse at the end of the day.”  And so on and so forth

Why not look at the changes and embrace them, she says to herself on her way to work…


Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor


turning towards the sun
supping golden rays

bumble bee exploring
nature in progress

turning towards the sun
swallows settling down
mid-day nap

supping golden rays
butterfly on a petal
cicadas sings


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