thanking her (senryu) Daily Moments March 8 2017

Tossing and turning her thoughts kept her up.  She finally gave in and started writing her thoughts.  Today was International Women’s Day and although she often jokes that it is the world getting prepared to wish her Happy Birthday the following day, it means a lot to her.  She thought of her mother, her grandmother, her teachers and amazing women who taught her so much.  And started writing this…

SHE taught me so much and more…

SHE taught me so much!
she taught me that crying for help
someone would be there always
she taught me touching and hugging
makes it [almost] all go away

she taught me a smile
will get me so much more
and a polite thank you too

she taught me fashion
from head to toe, and that
beauty at any age
must never be rationed

she taught me to read and write
and with so much patience
to read the words ever slowly
that told so many stories

she encouraged me to tell
the stories of those who could not speak
to trust in my pen
and write forgotten tales

she taught me to laugh out loud
flaunt my senseless essence
but also to know when to be quiet
when conflict was present

she taught me to believe
in myself and that would take me far
she taught me love can be beautiful
if only I loved myself more by far

she taught me the gift of giving
and how it returned with so much more
she taught me that killing one with kindness
was better than fighting any day

she taught me to see those who suffer
but not with my eyes
to hear with my heart
and care with my soul

she taught me to be strong
because women
have always carried burdens
for eons of time

she taught me the shadow
at times is a safer place to lead
to model what most speak
is learned so much more

she taught me never to give up
to learn each and every day
was like prevention
chasing the demons away

she taught me chubby or skinny
are women’s distinct beauty
in all different shapes

she taught me to pray
and believe
and never lose hope
if ever I went astray
the Great Spirit was there

she taught me diligence
and hard work
the fuel in meeting my goals
that the journey takes paths
different for each and everyone

she taught me the darkness
was a sign to stop and rest
to lick my old wounds
and heal in good time
the sun would appear
when my scars would form

each and every one
who have touched me
along the way have taught me!
that I am woman, and yes,
I am different than man
and so very much more
and proud to be woman!

not a day goes by
looking up at the sky – without
thanking her


Daily Moments March 8  2017 – Thanking her


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