Behind shallow masks(troibun) daily moments Mar.8/17

I am almost finished reading George Orwell’s 1984. Yes, it takes me a long time because I find it depressing and so I jump to The Essential Rumi now and then and Love Poems by Rumi.

I have also been watching old war movies where masses revolt in the name of solidarity and fairness. This makes me think of my encounters with workplace disputes in the past 30 years…yes, a little more than 30 but let’s leave it at that out of vanity. [snickers]

behind their masks
pretense of brotherhood
hidden agendas

behind their masks
screaming justice for all
texture of envy

pretense of brotherhood
renouncing authority
all for one, one for all

hidden agendas
lusting for power
polarity rules

Are there ever winners in workplace disputes? What does management seek? What does staff want? Are there a few isolated incidents or has it become an unhealthy workplace environment? There are never any easy answers. Each side holds his cards closely to the chest and the games ensue.

I don’t think things have changed that much since the ‘70’s. Well, yes, for women they have…indeed they certainly have even if there is still room to improve but that is life is it not?

Is it not our goal to always push ourselves to be the best person that we are? Is it not a desire to personally reach some form of clarity, enlightenment…nirvana? Well, okay, that is a bit much but older readers will certainly be bobbing their heads and agree that that is really all one can do…the best that you can. Ultimately, ask yourself, really, are you doing the best that you feel you really can? If someone would offer you a 40% increase in salary to do better, what would you change? That answer will say a lot…


Daily Reflections – March 8 2017 – behind shallow masks troibun

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