Change in progress ~ Hopeful aftermaths

Change in Progress (Free Verse)
baking for change
stir a secret recipe
adding fixings that range
from rising
to explosive
from upsetting
to chaotic
to schisms
to backbiting
rising to a degree
never really ever
ready for the decree
searching for results
win wins
or win lose
only wounds that need healing
delusions no longer standing
all on bended knees
asking what have we done?
no time to point fingers
mae culpa mae culpa
responsibility lingers
to one and all
not all but one
to one and all

Hopeful aftermath (Tanka – Senryu)

blending ideas
sentiments and politics
paths of polarity
travelling side by side

travelling side by side
empathy and understanding
meet at the middle

© Tournesol’17/01/06

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