Daily shivering moments December 16, 2016 (troiku)

Daily shivering moments December 16, 2016

cold snuck through concrete
shivers despite duck feathers
find a warmer home

cold snuck through concrete
sneaking around sweaty windows
slowly turn to ice

shivers despite duck feathers
snoozing every ten minutes
like an alarm clock

find a warmer home
or get the hell
out of Dodge, Québec


10 thoughts on “Daily shivering moments December 16, 2016 (troiku)”

    1. Yes, with the wind chill it felt like minus 30. Today I wore my snow pants but forgot I needed suspenders and they kept slipping down. I felt I was a teenager who wears my pants below my bottom…lol


      1. haha! What an image. I’m glad you are finding things to laugh about even though the weather is so awful. How incredibly cold – I can’t really imagine what it must feel like. Do your front teeth ache when the wind hits them? Mine would.


      2. Oh no my mouth is covered with a ski mask and I wear a pilot fake fur lined hat, a warm scarf AND a hood…plus my coat is down filled…I’m warm alright…my forehead may get cold if I don’t lower my hat and my cheeks…usually just my eyes are showing and they just cry a lot and the tears turn to ice on my eyelashes


      3. Wow! Such a different way of life to mine. I’m in awe. Tears turning to ice! It sounds like something from Hans Christian Anderson. It’s amazing that you still do your night shift and walk home at midnight. You must be a very tough woman.


      4. I can’t complain. I am fortunate to have made accommodations to have 3 day weekends; I added other parts of Canada on m y weather app on my phone to check out other areas where it is much colder. -35C in Yellowknife…I am warm as toast compared lol. It has warmed up a lot here today at -13 and snowing. May take a walk later and maybe get some nice photos.

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