Her safe embrace (troibun)

I realize at my age it may sound silly to say I am an orphan but when your last parent dies,  that is what we are regardless of our age. My father passed in 2004 and  I am without my mother since December 2014; however,  fate had it that I would never have to feel alone. After a year of writing poetry and blogging, I first heard of a very special and divine person through a writer in India, Sreejit Poole from TheSeekersDungeon who introduced me to his mother, Karuna Poole from LivingLearningAndLettingGo, who in turn told me about this famous Guru.   In the summer of 2014 I met this auspicious person who truly made me feel at peace.  This was five months before my mother passed.

Last week,  I traveled thousands of miles to  gather among devotees for a three-day retreat.  It was more than meditating at dawn; it was more than yoga stretches and poses.  It included waiting patiently for Amma’s Darshan, however in Sanskrit, this may mean an “auspicious sight”,  it was even more than merely bowing in the divine presence of Divine Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi who is known more as Amma (Mother). She is also known as the “hugging saint” and yes, she actually hugs each devotee who waits in line for her embrace, whether there are a hundreds waiting or thousands.  This selfless act of love and compassion, she offers to people all over the world.  I was fortunate to see Amma on her last North American Tour of 2016 before she returned to India.

Amma is known for her embrace but also for her compassion and humanitarianism


chants surround me
on bended knees
safe in Her embrace

love surrounds me
spirit lifting
with devotion

on bended knees
no longer an orphan
in Amma’s arms

safe in Her embrace
heeding  words
whispered in my ear


I found this music video sung by my favourite persons chanting mantras Deva Premal & Miten fit perfectly with this experience.

Amma – In The Light Of Love – Deva Premal & Miten

The first day of the retreat, I hesitated to kneel and was given a seat to receive Amma’s hug but the following days, I insisted on kneeling, telling myself, I can endure the pain for a few moments.  I had managed to concentrate on several weaknesses of my body during this retreat. 

For example,after responding to the 1000 names of The Divine Mother, we were led into a short silent meditation. The first day I had to use my inhaler to control my coughing but by the third day, I kept visualizing Amma’s face and telling myself, I can control my breathing if I slow it down, I will not be inclined to cough and it worked each time we meditated.  I learned to control the depth of my OM as well.  It was softer but by controlling the level of my voice, I was able to follow along respecting my limitations. 

It may seem like a minor accomplishment but for me it was astounding.  I talk for hours on the phone counselling youths nine hours a day, four day a week.  In the past year I have noticed towards the last two hours I am coughing more and find it difficult to talk for long periods of time.  I know now I am able to control the level of my voice…I will try to practice to talk slower and softer to take care of my throat and lungs. 

Some say when they receive Darshan, Amma gives them a profound and wise message.  I have never had one in person but each retreat I learn something and these past few days, I have received messages in silence.  I felt her presence helping me control my breathing.  There are other insights but I will share them on another post. 


Amma’s presence
healing and divine
gives me strength
unleashing unknown skills
mastering from within


Amma Darshan 

11 thoughts on “Her safe embrace (troibun)”

      1. I am afraid once I retire I will be living on social security…I will try to go while I am still working but in a few years. I am hoping to take a day off my work week every other year…that would make my retire at about 72 if they let me work that long


      2. Gosh – what a long time to work. I live on the aged pension now. I moved to a place with lower rent and am hoping to put aside money for trips about Oz in the coming years. Getting to India is beyond my means at present too.


      3. I have to be at a low income to apply to live in low income housing. Sort of a catch 22 sometimes. If my mother`s house could be sold, I might be able to invest in a tiny studio which is all I need. I have friends who live in the country too but the city would be best to be close to services as well as the arts.


      4. Yeah – same here. The wait on public housing without special circumstances like mental or physical health issues is up to 10 years. I keep meaning to fill out the form (it’s like a mini book) but then can’t be bothered because I’d be well into my 70s before I got anything. I moved to a smaller place and pay $20 less a week but it is in the private rental market and the rent is still about 1/2 my pension. I’m an optimistic though – I am hoping I can save that $20 a week all through 2017 and beyond 🙂 I live in hope anyway. I know what you mean about being close to services. That’s why I moved back to town. I was going to try and get back to the capital city but the rents there are very high and I can’t stand the noise and pollution these days. Finding the right way to live as you grow older is a big issue.


      5. There are nice places in the city near the river that are not bad and cheaper to live…as long as I get on public transit. Where I live (south shore of the city) public transit is free off rush hour for 65+ and children under 10 or 12. I no longer have a car and will choose a place with public transit.

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