amber glow (haiku)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille says :

«Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Maybe it’s a little bit strange to have departing spring for prompt today, because on the Northern Hemisphere we are running towards autumn and on the Southern Hemisphere spring is almost starting, so departing spring?

Let me tell you why I came to this choice. As I heard of Jane’s passing away I was really sad. Jane a nice friend, my mentor and co-host had departed. Jane brought something new to my haiku as I got to know her. She brought beauty and simplicity into my haiku … she gave my haiku new life. New life is spring, but now … with the passing away of Jane … that new life starts to depart from my haiku. It feels like a lack of inspiration, a writer’s block … so departing spring is to me more than what it says … the ending of spring and the start of summer … Will I get my summer? Will I get my spring, my new life back?

I am still in mourning, not only for my dad, but also so for Jane … I will miss her as much as I miss my dad.

departing spring
to remember the words
I hum the tune

© Jane Reichhold

What a strong haiku. It gives words to what I am feeling. I read all of Jane Reichhold’s books again and again to stay in tune with her spirit … I have to remember her, we have to remember her here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, the weblog which she finds the best on the Internet.
I feel proud, but humble, that Jane Reichhold was part (and still is) of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Her spirit we will feel here as long as CDHK will exist … and for sure I will cherish her spirit in everything I do here at CDHK.

in deep silence
drizzling rain
rustling of leaves

© Chèvrefeuille

Her mother passed at the edge of autumn, the second of December.

© Cheryl-Lynn R. '15
© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’15

memories of amber
cold winter slumber,

© Tournesol’16

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